Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shawls and Sleighs, must be Snow Soon

This was Project One for Camp Loopy. Project Two can be cast on this Friday and must be gloves or mittens with a cable. I have chosen Rococo. I cannot for the life of me remeber how to do links so will study that later tonight and correct this issue, :). But that said, isn't she lovely?? She is Sedna

DH and I love to go to
  • Jordan's Furniture
  • and walk around their clearance room which is the size of a football field. We oftentimes find great things. This mirror is the top piece to a hallway bench and mirror set sans the bench. There is a tiny scratch in it, It is 3.5 feet or so by 4.5 feet high...or so. We plan to hang it in the entrance hallway and add a few coat hooks. (We didn't even know it is what it was,lol)

    We went online and looked for some hooks and found this silly man. I love him!! He has two coat hooks and a hat hook. We got two to see how they will fit and all and make sure the coats hanging from them will not overburden the mirror. I would love to put two more but time will tell. But he just makes me smile.

    Last December, we had to cancel our Christmas Open House due to inclement weather so being a New ENglander and always trying to outsmart the weather, we are having a Christmas in July Barbecue in a few weeks. I have always wanted a sleigh on my lawn and what better time to build one then in 90 degree heat? LOL...it is called a GIGANTIC SLEIGH
    , likely because the reindeer meant to go with it are NINE FEET tall, lol. The sleigh will be 8 feet by 6 feet by 4 feet. We are making it extra sturdy so two people can sit in it for a picture. I ordered red pleather to upholster the seat. The plan will be to put it on the front lawn come holiday time and I wanted the upholstery to hold up. It was fun cutting it out, not so much sanding it and noqw I get to prime it. The exterior will be a deep red, interior a deep green and I think I have decided to make the runners black. DH keeps saying gold but I am thinking black.

    it took a little time to get this first set of patterns taped to the board as it came in two piese, but once done and traced it was easy.

    This was the first runner being cut.

    The second all traced to be cut.

    For scale, the sleigh sides took up nearly the entire sheet of plywood 8' x 4'.

    There will be pictures of this process of building a sleigh. Strange things I do 'eh?

    Hi Mom..

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    Lorraine said...

    Cheryl- Christmas in July sounds like a wonderful idea to me.