Saturday, July 09, 2011

I Have Been Busy

Sometimes I wonder where all the time goes to. I don't spend a lot of it sleeping, should spend more of it at the gym, work a fair amount of it....then I post here and see my pictures of home, animals, family, WIPs and FOs and think ,"AH HA!! THAT is where it has all gone,"
My Sedna Shawl has been done for 10 days and I am just blocking her. Not ever being a shawl wearer, I am not sure what will become of the lovelies. I am determined to learn to wear them!! ANOTHER PROJECT,lol... Anyways, she is sport weight yarn which made some of the beading a little tough, but has bead along the top edge as well as the angled sides and throughout the crocheted edging. I like her very much.
Having three colors of one row a piece striping was a bit tangled at times, but it all worked out

She is still resting outside, I will bring her in shortly and let her nap on the guest bed til tomorrow.

Our Christmas Open House was cancelled due to weather this past December and I decided we would beat the snow and have a Christmas in July, much decorating and projects in the works. However, it seems much of my family has plans that weekend, :(, oh well, there will be quite a few folks, still, but I still have family members who have not seen my home. Another time...

But I had been holding off replanting the flower boxes til now. The rain knocked off a lot of the white blooms last night but they will be back. I wanted Christmas colors and think I achieved that quite nicely.

Here is the update on the Sunflower Shawl. the smaller version would stop here with three repeats of the center leaf panel but I am forging ahead for another if not two more repeats. The sunflower part is done so the sides are stockinette now and it will go quickly until the border. I love it though, the petals have amber beads and the leaves have green. The pattern does not call for beading but I am in a groove. DH thinks the beads going up the center leaf panel look like the riders in the peloton, lo.

OK just a quick update as it is a work night and I have laundry and cleaning to do yet. Oh I am also 65% done with my February 21 Lady and 95% done with Aestlight shawl, hoping both will done before the month's end. Just didn't want you all top think I have been slacking since the wedding. Off to trace patterns onto 4 x 8 foot sheets of plywood for the sleigh I will build for the next Gala..see you soon

Hi Mom, wish you could come, maybe we can figure it out.

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Cheryl- Beads, beads and more beads!