Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Me and Dad and oldest brother Steven

My Dad has been gone 6 years now. The time has gone so quickly and I am sometimes saddened by the things he missed. The additions to his already large brood of grandchildren and subsequently the newer additions of great grandchildren. The blossoming of my sons into fine men. The wonderful women they have chosen to be partnered with and most recently married to. He would refer to them both as "cute little numbers". My Dad passed before we bought our home. I believe he would have loved the fact we have a three story barn, 1.5 acres of land and animals. We did not have pets growing up, there were many of us,lol. He would think it was wonderful I climb the ladders and paint the house and tile the bathroom we ripped out. He would have enjoyed the deck we built and loved that I cut the boards at 45 degree angles and predrilled the holes for the screws in each one.
Mark,Steven, Me, Donna and DA being held by Dad (first 5 of 11)

He would have beamed with pride when DS1 got first his Bachelor's and then his Masters degrees and clapped the loudest as his now wife followed with hers.

Mom,DS1 Ben and Dad (ben's Jr High Grad, 12years old)

He would think it an honor DS2 picked as an emblem on his High school ring the firefighter insignia for his Pa. He would be there next January when DS2 walks the stage and receives his bachelor degree.

Dad and DS2 Shamus 2 years old

And he would have come for every Christmas Open House and event we have held.
I comfort myself knowing he likely attended all those events, watching from above, taking time out from his pool game to say ,"That's my family"...

I have many fathers in my life, husband, ex husband, father in law, brothers, nephews, brothers in law and I wish them all a beautiful day. Happy Father's Day.

Hi Mom..

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Lorraine said...

Cheryl- Sounds like he was a great guy.