Monday, June 13, 2011

It Is Mania and Mini

So, the vicious cycle of destashing and then ordering yarn has happened...but in my defense the yarn acquired is for long standing projects so no guilt. Still have less yarn in the house than a month ago. The February Lady is moving along, every so often I make a mistake and have to remove a row or two but it is an easy knit.
I will wind my yarn for the Camp Loopy Project 1 assignment tomorrow and bring the yarn to work in hopes of starting it after midnight.

I will post pictures in the next post.
So since I have been gone I thought I would post some pictures of house things that have happened.
We found an area of softness in the main bathroom floor last April and had to investigate,April 2010. We ended up gutting the entire bathroom right down to the 111 year old framing, replacing plumbing, wall studs and putting in a new bathroom. The cast iro n tub was removed and replaced with a walk in shower. i agreed to this, suggested it, with the caveat that we have a master bathroom downstairs.The master bedroom has a nursery sized walk in closet on the other side of the bathroom/laundry room and we will break through the wall and have a large master bathlaundry room in time. I am hoping we start this fall as it has been 14 months since I have had a tub and I am a soaker...
We went through three layers of flooring and many wall and found this wallpaper which would appear to be one of the originals in the room. It was quite Victorian and I was almost sad to rip the walls down and end it's existence in the house.

We put up beadboard on the walls and vinyl/laminate "wood" floor.

The new fixtures are a color called cashmere and the walls are green. The tiles are multicolor beiges/greys with green accents. It was a project doing the tiling as the grout dried quickly and it took a long time for us to remove as much as we humanly could. I am pleased with the results but the glass shower doors are impossible to clean. I cannot get through the soap residue on them. I have tried EVERYTHING so if you have a suggestion I would love to hear. :)

This bathroom is in the center of the house and has no windows so hung pictures I took while in Ireland.
DS2 took over the huge room that was DS1 when he moved. DS1 wanted a blue room which he got and DS2 never asks for anything so when he went away for a weekend I commandeered his room and gave him a wall of argyle. he loves plaids and argyles...I still have to finish painting the trim in the room which is soon to happen. Much painting to finish now that the gala has happened.

This is the gingerbread going up on the porch. it is tedious work and I am hoping it is done this year so another project can be marked done.Not sure why the font has changed, lol. (Imay have fixed it)Still have dentil to paint and hang, lots actually.
The porch ceiling(the font has changed back)is blue. As is and was the norm.DDIL told us actually that it is to trick the bees into thinking it is the sky and they will not gather.
Hmm, the gingerbread picture has disappeared...

Just realized I have not gone into Artemus' issues, I shall next ppost as the kitties have an appointment this week and maybe there will be updates.
But I love these pictures of the pups.
New coats for all this winter, Nickolas will need another, larger this winter but the other two are set.

This is actually the property belonging with the mansion where DS1 had some wedding pictures done. Dh and I took the dogs out last fall to romp and here they are being "good boys" waiting for a treat. They will sit on command but I taught them,"what do good dogs do?" and then they sit. It is funny to see people's reactions.
It is late, I am tired, long busy day tomorrow, Silly font has gone awry again. Gym, food shopping, haircut(now that 24inches are gone I have to have upkeep, lordy) Wind yarn and work. I am hoping DH will get out in yard and cut some tall grass to cut down on the ticks...
Our beloved yellow Beetle died, it needs a new engine and since it is a turbo it is not cost effective. She still sits in the driveway but doesn't run. So we purchased another little bit of a car. It is a 2008 Mini Cooper S, so silly, smaller inside than the Beetle, but still fun. And it matched my new Dr. Martens so we had to buy it.

So til next time, thanks for stopping by. I welcome comments so I know I am not talking to myself :)
Hy Mom...


Lorraine said...

Wow, Cheryl. I love the bathroom. I couldn't live without a tub either.

Your Loopy shawl looks amazing.

The zoo looks great- I miss having a dog.

Cheryl said...

Yes I have gone to a hotel once this past year to have a soak, but I a really getting lonesome for my tub. We are finishing the new stairs in the basement today so maybe next week I can nudge the fence replacement to start. Then the bathroom.

Do you have plans for another dog at all?

Carrie K said...

Cheryl!!! Long time no see! The wedding looked fabulous and I love your beaded jacket. And that argyle wall!! awesome! How do you like the fake wood floors in the bathroom? I'd love to get something like that in our bathroom and the kitchen as well.

I hope the news was good for Artemis. Your four footed clan looks pretty happy.