Saturday, June 04, 2011

June of 2011

WOW, I have so often thought of my little blog but have not stopped in. Life has been busy. My DS1 was married two weeks ago to his soulmate. She has been part of the family for over 6 years and now she is my daughter-in-law. I could not have selected a sweeter, kinder, more genuine person to join my son as he continues on in life. The planning and tasks leading p to the wedding were fun and many and joyful. The day itself, coming in a two week rain continuum was bright and sunny from the morning until they departed the reception. DS2 was a groomsmen and looked as handsome as his older brother. DS2 has met a wonderful young lady who wove right into the cloth of the family. Everyone seemed to have fun and it was evident how much the new couple was loved and how thrilled everyone was to share in their celebration. I will make this come back post brief, as work awaits in two hours,but will share a few pictures. And yes those are sneakers you see, even I wore them after pictures...

This was the rehearsel and we were all tearing up, the love is so evident. The bride to be wore the shrug I had knit for wedding, but it just didn't work in the long run. I had a 9 foot silk chiffon wrap made for her and I beaded the ends but it unfortunately did not make it to the wedding with the bride. She was stunningly beautiful and my DS just beamed with pride as she approached.
That is DH, DS2,DS1-the Groom and my DSs DF , yes even the Dads wore sneakers. My ex and I and my DH get along wonderfully so it was great to have everyone be part of everything.
The Groom and his Groomsmen
SO incredibly handsome and grown up....
Me and DS1 I lost 50 pounds and cut 23 inches of hair off, lol. My DS lost 100 pounds the past year. He was never really heavy but now he is trim and athletic. So proud of him. I made the dress and knitted the jacket. DDIL and I made clay flowers for the centerpieces and I made a lot of things for the Bridal shower. I will post pictures in future posts. Those were my dress shoes quite silly ones and then I changed into sneakers.
The newly marrieds. She looks beautiful and he is quite dashing in his Calvin Klein tux and Converse sneakers. He wore socks I knit. They are ARRRRGH Gyles..he loves argyles and wrestling and the skull reminded me of one his favorite wrestlers. They are a stretchy cotton. Such fun to make I made his Christening gown, Communion suit, Halloween costumes and countless clothing through out his life and no way was this day going by without something made by me for him.

The love just oozes out of him....sigh
I had an antique silver spoon bracelet made for the Bride, it was engraved with their monogram and wedding date.
DS2 and his lovely GF danced the night away.
I did not wear the sequined ones but I did wear the other two :)
My dress and jacket waiting for me.

Off they go..the Bride wore green and yellow striped toe socks with her sneakers under her designer!!!

I will be back soon. I am hoping weekly. So much to share. Thanks for looking.

Hi MOM!!


socksformum said...

WOW! I remember you bringing her along on a vacation a few years back! Time sure does fly! Love the Converse sneakers AND the socks you knit for him. He seems like a fun guy. I spy a shawl, too! congratulations!

Laura C-dot said...

Cheryl- I was hoping you would share pictures of the wedding.

Looks like a great day. Congratulations.