Thursday, January 24, 2008


As is the norm with cabley stuff, it never works first time out. There was this wrong and that wrong and they didn't have this or that....DH flexed his muscles and spoke with a supervisor and they proceeded, but we still don't have service to speak of. I do have television now but DS1 does not and the modem and computers won't speak so I have to post quickly as my neighbor limits my time, heehee

DS1 room before and after
He is still unpacking and settling in, everyone has til the middle of March, we are still living at two places through February(long not to be told story)It isn't apparant in the pic but his new rug is also blue. The drums were a Christmas gift from GF, she checked if it was OK first, he has wanted drums for several years(I didn't know that) but felt since we didn't own where we lived he shouldn't make the noise. Of course you can buy him drums. Both boys are very very good pianists and have stopped playing. Now the drums are out, the guitars and DS2 spied the ketboard and would like it set up again. WOOHOO!

Hall light before and after
This is the crystal chandelier DM gave me shortly after DD passed and she bought a smaller house. It is lovely and very bright.

There have been questions about Mermaid, yes I am a maniac but right now she is hiding somewhere, between post surgical appointments, moving back to school, moving and work I am happy to plug away on Jaywalker and the Multidirectional scarf.
Jaywalker,never has one small project been frogged so many times. The stitches were alipping off and it is not easy to pick back up, but I finally switched to my lovely handforged needles from Celtic Swan and viola!

The multidirectional scarf only sees me when I am not required to think...I love it and it works fairly quickly.

My Dream in Color obsession continues, these are the worsted weights from LoopyEwe and a limited color of CTH in honey mistard. DS1 loves honey mustard and may see socks in these eventually.

I wanted to blog much longer but I am afraid I will lose this connection so I will add the pics and post. DH will be trying to work out the computer quirks today.

I wanted to quickly conclude with this wreath. DSGF brought it the day we passed papers. She wanted to find something barnish, I think she did it.


Rubys & Purls said...

Everything looks great! The "new" hall light is gorgeous! The scarf is really cool too. I need to get going on mine soon!

Hope the internet is fixed soon and more pics will follow. Have a great day!

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- Um, my DS is a drummer, and this is the thin end of the wedge- we now have speakers, 2 bass drums and a million cymbals.
And if he starts a band- remember that drums can't be moved so they practice at your house.
There's these things that you can get that fit over the skins so they can practice but it isn't as loud.

Everything looks great- I'm so happy for you.

Carrie K said...

That hall light is beautiful.

Hope your net connection is fixed soon!

bev said...

Oh Cheryl, your house is turning into a home! So very happy for you. You will be living in it full time soon! Your projects are coming along famously. Jaywalker is looking great. Maybe I will break down and make a pair. Tried once and got really bored! LOL Miss the weekly updates with Foxie. We must do Mermaid in ernest once you return to blog land.

Gryffinitter said...

LOL - When you were talkin gabout "Cabley stuff" going bad I was looking for a picture of a partly frogged sweater...

Very hard to be offline when you're used to online, isn't it? But your house is shaping up beautifully. And you are an excellent mother to say yes to the drums...(And she is an excellent girl to have ASKED...)

I can hardly wait for my boys to be ready for drums...we have neighbors in the back who don't speak to anyone, and I'm pretty sure they would love to hear a Grateful Dead drum solo practiced over...and over...and over...ditto for all the neighbors who, although sound of body, get the lawn services with their 50 thousand decible mowers, edgers and blowers in once a week...

OOh, I am having a bit of a Filch in the castle moment with this thought....

Chandelier said...

Awesome post!!Hall light is gorgeous..tat looks gr8.U have done nice piece of work.Thanks for sharing with us.
keep up the work.

Monica Silva said...

How's the multidirectional scarf going? Is it still a WIP? The stripes look nice. I knitted 4 multidirectional scarves and like you said, you need to think and focus for them.

See you on Ravelry!