Thursday, January 31, 2008

Been A While

OK, I did it.....I took the night off from work. I really overdid the shovelling, painting, ladder climbing, wallpapering and am having trouble moving. My job is quite physical, moving patients, so I thought it best to take off tonight and go in for the busier Friday and Saturday nights. So tonight I am a slug...I will blog and knit.

I am not being good on my yarn diet.....I get it into my head I work hard and truly haven't splurged on anything for me since we started thinking about a house in November. I have actally purchased quite a bit of house supplies with "my" spending money so I splurged. Yes yes, I know, I am going to the Spring Fling in April, but I will probably not splurge until then as I have to save up to be ridiculously indulgent. Anywho....I got into Loopys Sneak Up before it was announced and got me a Namaste bag. I have BEAUTIFUL knitting bags folks have made for me, and I use them all often, but I really want a more weather appropriate bag. My beautiful felted bags are getting beaten up in the rain and snow and need a rest. So I purchased the bag in my favorite color of LIME and a needle case in OLIVE. The bag is amazing!! On Ravelry there was some concern it would be too grandmotherly, but it isn't at all. It is roomy and lustrous and I may spend some time setting it up. I also purchased some yarn, (imagine that)

In the beginning when I would buy yarn online I was intriqued with Lorna Laces, I have stopped purchasing LL for the more varietal indy yarns , but when the LE listed these LL yarns, I couldn't resist. There is butterscotch in sport weight and look at the colors of that Pilsen in the traditional fingering weight. I tend to send a lot of my LL in swap packages, but I think these will be staying with me. Also Spritely yarn in Peppercorn Blend, there is enough yardage on this for DH's 16eeee feet!!!
I received a beautiful ME box from my Sock It To Me Twice pal, she had been reading my blog and noted the stress of moving and ssurgery and working and sent me a basket with lotions, a candle, some very wonderful yarn and CHOCOLATE!! Look at the adorable basket it is in. SHe is a wonderfully thoughtful pal. For the most part, I have been very fortunate with my swaps, only one or twice I have been the victime of people not coming through.

I am almost done with the first Jaywalker, not much knitting time at all. Meanwhile Bev finished her Foxie AND is flying though her Rogue, any guess why the font is green?? :) Go check it out, it is grand. And Helen is just about ready for the sleeves on her Mermaid. She has chosen the most beautiful colorway. They are both amazing knitters and I will catch up.

DS2 is making great progress, thank you all for your kind thoughts and words of encouragement. I just returned from the nightly high calorie shake run. he lost so much weight I bring a shake with about 1200 calories in it. I am not sure he needs it anymore but I think we both enjoy the nightly exchange of empty bottle for full bottle and a little hi how are you time. Poor guy had a two hour orthodontist appointment today, they changed all his wires. He still has some sutures and the whole thing left him quite sore.

I painted the kitchen ceiling and have started the stripping of the old paper and the hanging of the new. DH hung the new door(chiseled the hinge places and all) and I painted it for DS2 room. The old door had a crack clear through and we could only salvage the really cool hinges. They are hard to describe, there is no pin, you just lift the door up and off.

That is not the wallpaper that is staying....that is down already.

I got these really kitchy vintage curtain holdbacks, I need 8 and have 5 but they keep popping up so I am sure I will find the other three. They are for the living room.

So it would make sense to stop blogging and start knitting at this point. I am glad I took the time....I enjoy this. I will try to get on a better track. :-)

BUT Have you seen this???


Anonymous said...

Sock Pal Here!

I'm so glad you liked your package. I can see you liked the chocolate. :-)

Good for you for taking the night off! I have weeks like that at work, where I just have to stay home and be a slug. It's been very busy lately where I work so my day's off have been lazy as all get out!

That purse is awesome! My kind of colors!

Lisa said...

Ditto the bag! The color is beyond fab! The SITMT package was wonderful as well. The other yarns look great! I am still trying to figure out what to make with my LL yarn...perhaps I should finally try the Jaywalker....

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the house. I love those kind of projects, but they do take a toll on the body...enjoy the rest and take more time off...everything will still be there tomorrow...

Lorraine said...

Wow Cheryl- you got some great stuff and I'm glad you treated yourself. Why not?

Glad to hear that DS is making progress.

The house is coming along nicely too.

Anonymous said...

You should have received your Valentine's Day Swap package recently (it's the one with the hearts on it ;) ) Remember not to open it until Valentine's Day!

-Your Ravelry Secret Admirer!

bev said...

You house is going to be so beautiful. And so you! Love the ceiling - those aren't just a dime a dozen any longer.
Thanks for the kind, green words! Rogue is going to be sitting on my lap this evening while I watch Oz with DS!.
Helen is at the same stage of Mermaid as Brigette. They are both swimming right along. And here we sit treading water.

Brigitte said...

Hee! I'm so close to finishing my sleeves on Mermaid!!! They aren't as complicated as I thought they were, although the instructions aren't as clear in some spots.

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh you got a great swap package, good for you! Take time to relax alittle, you definitely have been The place is coming along nice too so far! Great job!
So glad to hear DS is doing so well! Keep in touch!! Have a great week!!