Thursday, January 10, 2008

ANother Mini

OK, not knitting, a little more done on Jaywalker and more this morning as I wait for a post surgical orthodontic appointment. DH will be at farmhouse with carpet installers. DS1 room is the only room with carpet and it is of course huge....but....

So here are a few before and afters.

DS2 room and tin ceiling before

After, that is he building an IKEA nightstand.....

Downstairs hall light, blew out, actually tripped circuit breaker.

After in pieces, DM gave this to me a few years ago when DF passed away. She thought one day I would have a Victorian house, now I have a Victorian farmhouse, dodododo(Twilight Zone)I am not really the chandelier type but it will be a sweet little addition

And this is the kitchen floor freshly washed, we had been led to believe it was a laminate, which was ok, the rest of the floors are old hardwood, but upon closer investiigate it just a very well done linoleum. Truth be told that makes me happier. I tend to tire easy of floors and although the kitchen is going in 3-4 years if I get the hankering to lay me down a new linoleum tile floor one night, I won't feel badly. I am a big fan of the checkerboard floor on point. I have done many in my time. That is a view out the slider to the yard.

OK, must pack some boxes to go into the car for the after doctor visit to the farmhouse. Work tonight and the following three but the plans are to sleep at the new house starting Monday night and spend the last two weeks of the month finishing the move. I have always found it easier to be sleeping in the new place and having the space at the old place available to pack and clean. Plus at that point the new place bedrooms are much more organized.
Have a wondrous day everyone....hopefully more updates both personal and knitting, during the weekend or early next week.

I have come across some very organized platic tubs filled with bags of well organized WIPs...woohoo, old friends forgotten, now seeming like new friends. When I can me some free time, we will have great fun getting reacquainted.


Rubys & Purls said...

Wow! It looks great so far! I can't wait to see the light fixture up and running soon too. It's a wonderful feeling, moving into a new house. Kinda scary but in a good way!

Good Luck!

CynicalKnitter said...

Looks really great! It's a lot of work, but so worth it.

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- There is nothing more exciting than fixing up a new place.

...aside from a yarn purchase I hasten to add.

Anonymous said...

You house looks so beautiful! Fixing up a house is always fun, especially when you get everyone involved!

- Your SITMT pal