Thursday, July 12, 2007

Packages Sent Out

My Spring Felted Bag Exchange Package has gone out. My poor Pal has been very patient waiting for it to dry before I lined it. I really like it, especially the lining, I hope she does too. She seems to be a very lovely lady and I have enjoyed knitting this for her.
Ready to go this weekend Hogwarts Sock Swap package..woohoo. Have not shown socks since my Pal may know who I am, but will post here safely once she has received the owl mail.
To go next weekend, Monkey socks to Round 1 participant. I have been angel knitting for her and hope she enjoys these socks. I really liked the yarn and have ordered some more
Also very soon bag to Knitted Purse Swap2 participant, angel knitting. Have all the goodies just need to finish up the bag, another I really really like and plan on making one for me in the future,
ITE4 bag to go out next weekend as well...really like this bag too. I guess if I didn't like them I wouldn't knit them, right? :)
I have maybe 10 FO that are not listed on sidebar so will update that as well this weekend.

DS1 has a bday Friday, yes Friday the 13th. He was born on his due date with a full moon in the sky. He has already achieved much, he has his Master's as you know by now. He was in school very early and skipped two grades. Both of my boys were spontaneous readers before the age of 2 and smarter than me before the age of 3 :). I will post a few pics when I update this.

OK must finish things up here at work and rush home to sleep. Not feeling well so may not work tonight..Friday is bday day anyways...I try very hard to not work my sons bdays. Only one day in the whole year is theirs and it should be honored.


Lorraine said...

Cheryl- My kids have always been smarter than me.

It doesn't make for a peaceful existence.

Happy Birthday to your boy!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Lorraine. I just gave up trying to outsmart them. It is more fun having them teach me things, :)

The Imperfect Knitter said...

what a great mum your young men have , I was born on the 13th and it has always been a LUCKY day for me . Have a great day , and I hope you are feeling better.