Friday, July 06, 2007

Mini PRGE Questionnaire

1. Why are you punk?
Hmmm..I am not sure, but I know I march by my own beat, and seldom follow the crowd
2. What are your five favorite things? (these don't have to be knit related)
Listening to my family laugh, rain(horrendous rain),rollercoasters, movies that make me cry, the Wizard of Oz
3. What are your three favorite things that you have made with knitting/crochet?
Aran sweater for my Dad(it was mostly acrylic but Mom gave it back to me when eh passed),DH's kilt hose for our wedding, sweaters for my sons when they were infants
4. What five things would you love to see in a swap box someday?
Oh my, I have been very very blessed in swaps, but perhaps some nice teacup/saucers, patterns from other countries, kitchy souvenirs
5. What are your three favorite yarns?
Noro silk garden, Fearless Fibers, Sock Duets Mini
What are your three least favorite yarns?
Acrylic, Acrylic, Acrylic
6. What are your five favorite delicacies?
Jelly beans, nice teas, scones, jams,cookies
7. What are your three favorite guilty pleasures?
Chocolate, cocoa, cheesecake
8. What would you like your pal to know that is not covered here?
I am so in awe of all the knitters spoiling each other, praying for one another, supporting one another....I am grateful to be part of this community. I am proud to be a knitter.

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Ann K. said...

Hey hey! How do you like the package I sent to you for SFBE? I sure hope you enjoy the items I included with your felted bag. Please do get back to me?