Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Totes, Toppers and Towers

OK, the tote is tremendously gorgeous! I think we are celerating in a few days so I have decided to line it, altho I would love dMIL to see the inside....hmmm...maybe make the lining but sew it in at the celebration? Yes, yes that will do. The felted height is 13.5 inches and width is 17.5 inches, that is quite a bit of downsizing...but it is tremendous. Here are some pics outside and inside. And yes it is standing on its own in the center pic.

I like to felt two things at once so I had a few inches to go on this hat. Bummer there are no prefelting pics as I finished it in the basement. But, I could pull it past my shoulders. I still need to shave a bit but I love it. The yarn is tied in the shaping I will remove when completely steamed and dry, I used it to close up the crown a bit...I thought it would turn out firmer, it is pretty firm yet soft. Cool eh?

Then one of my Pals asked for pics of the things I collect, two being Eiffel Towers and Mr Potato Head. My DH proposed to me at the Eiffel Tower, I have always loved Paris. The circular wood piece is a hand burned lid to a box DS GF made for me. Do you see my terrific ET stitch markers from pal Monica. The tile we purchased while in Paris and when I tiled my back splash I put it in. (we also got a pair of green glass doorknobs on Portobello Road in London which are on my dining room door)
I still need to photo MPH but he is in several places but I will get to him tomorrow.
Oh update on DSs truck, we checked the truck over when we purchased it but you can only eyeball so much. Turns out calipers, rotors, brakelines a few minor things. The brakes were so thin the mechanic cannot legally let it back on the road, yes replace all that. I almost feel badly I got in on the sneak up at the
  • Loopy Ewe

  • being so blessed with the good fortune of my DSs safety. At times like this I like to believe my DD is watching out for him from above.
    Hug your family folks, you just never know.

    vegasangelbrat said...

    Bag came out great Cheryl! I Like the hat too :) Is that for MIL too?

    Cheryl said...

    No the hat is mine, I started it probably 4 years ago, before the wonder of felting came to be, it literally went down over my shoulders prefelting. I have a pair of slippers to finish up as well with next felted washing group.

    sunneshine said...

    I have to fawn over the bag - it is stunning!! I am sure that she will love it -- great job!! I keeping coming back to look at it... :)

    Carrie K said...

    The bag came out great and I love that hat.

    Oh my, close call on the brakes! That's a real testament to his good sense that he called you.

    Lia said...

    That bag is stunning! And I love your collection of Tour Eiffels.

    Rubys & Purls said...

    Wow, I just love all the Eiffel tower collectibles. That is how you bag was, huge! I could put it over my head and it was like a giant man's sweater without sleeves! Your bag is just gorgeous though! Where or what pattern did you use?