Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mysteries and Updates and Bragging

Do you see that lovely purple yarn?...I don't know where it came from. It arrived Monday, no card, no name on the return address from IL, I thought perhaps my pal from Colorswap as May is purple. No, not her. I am baffled. It is gorgeous, thank you to whomever sent it my way.
The middle yarn is Cider Moon in the June Carter colorway, isn't it yummy? I got this from
  • Loopy Ewe I have seen there is a Johnny Cash colorway as well. Does anyone think I can possibly resist that in the future?
  • The other yarn is from Bright Dyes in the UK, it is in the Harry Potter Griffindor colorway. I have several yarns from Etsy dealers in the Griff colorway. They are all so gorgeous. I have to doublecheck that name and source when I get home.

  • Alrighty then, look at the next pic. It is the first shipment from the Loopy Ewe Sock Club . The yarn is called Skinnydipping and has some bamboo in it. Sheri also sent along some Kool Aid(many of us thought we had to dye the yarn) in Lemonade, a cute sheep soap, some Kisses and do you see that bag, yes it is one of the lovely clear plastic zip bags offered on the site, however, this one says Loopy Ewe Sock Club. COOL!! The pattern is one from Wildhorse Farm Designs
  • designed for this yarn. The pic shows the sock in the exact yarn, another way cool!

  • I really like the WildHorse Farm Designs, the heels are terrific, the instructions are very clearly written with both charts and written directions for the design portion. In fact, these two socks are WFD patterns. they are sample socks knit for Jana of WhiteOakStudio . I met Jana through a swap a few months back and she has opened her studio. Her line of yarns is hand dyed based on tv programs. The pink sock is Sex and the City in the pattern of Metropolis and the other sock is Out of Africa in the Stillwater pattern. Her yarns are very unique and fun. It was an honor to sample knit for her.

  • Here we have a Mr Potato head calendar DS gave me a few years ago. Each month features a naked potatoe and there are many stickers to dress him up with. This was my offering for March. I have many more MPH items and will add them by weeks end. Why MPH you may ask? Well, when my first son was born I used to sing to him, "I made you , you know it's true//etc..." That is the MPH song.
    Speaking of first born son, tonight, Wednesday, at the age of 22, he will be receiving his Masters Degree, woohoo, quite an accomplishment. Both of my boys were spontaneous readers before the age of two, beyond my teaching by the time they were 4. Second DS, 17, will be graduating High School next week and attending his brother's alma mater in the fall. So cool...the robe of the Masters recipient looks very Harry Potterish. If DS consents I will post a pic later.
  • OK, for now, that is it. I have been tagged for two memes, wondering if they are the same meme, then what does one do? I will check them out and answer them by weekend.


    Lovs2Knit said...

    Mystery yarn....can't argue with getting yarn in the mail. Hope you figure out who sent it to you. :~)

    white oak studio said...

    WOO-WHOO! gorgeous sample socks, Cheryl!


    Cheryl said...

    Oh Hi, I found your address and mailed them to you

    Carrie K said...

    Oh my! Gorgeous socks, gorgeous skeins and a mystery giver! Nice week. Oh, and a little thing like someone getting their Master's .... nice boy!

    Sharon said...

    That is pretty mystery purple yarn

    sunneshine said...

    Jana is my coffee swap partner! I didn't realize it was you who was test knitting for her. How cool!! And what a small blog world!!