Sunday, May 27, 2007

Very Looooong Update

OK Graduations, Prom, Class Night all done. It is a bit overwhelming having both boys graduate within a week of one another.

DS1, 22, hooded received his Masters in Art with a concentration in Creative writing, Magna Cum Laude...can I only hope you know how proud I am? Now he hopes to find a job in editing, publishing, copy writing. In a year or so he will pursue a second Masters, the degree of masters of Fine Arts is a very concentrated degree in Creative writing. He has been told if he continues with his thesis it could be published. Perhaps then his mother will get to read it, lol

DS2,17,Presidential Award for Academics, CoCurricular Excellence for attitude and helpfulness from the Ski Club. The day after his Senior Prom, day before his Graduation he started his very first job. This was a particularly heartfelt graduation as he was very sick, and continues to have many medical problems. It was a fight to get him to his first birthday and now at 17, he is starting his young adult life. He loves his truck, his friends, family and life. His School Ring has a fire fighter emblem on it. He choose that in honor of his Pa, my father who has been gone 2 1/2 years.

People have asked what I will do with an empty home. This surprises me as much as being asked if I was tossing my son out when he had turned 18. My DS1 will gratefully continue to live at home,as he finds his place in the working world, DS2 will dorm during his college years, but his room remains his room. My sons will always be welcome to live at home. I am not sure why this is not the norm in society any longer. Families have become almost throwaway commodities. It is bewildering.

Knitting updates,
Boxes, packages sent out.
Sample sox to Jana , prize for PRGE,SP10 box, Coffee Swap Box, Colorswap for May, Box to Felted Bag Pal. This week test sock for Socktopia-one pair, PRGE final box for Jules, Monkey Swap 2, next week HSKS. Then I will be off to Ireland for two weeks. WOohoo, of course I work 6 nights 10-12 hrs each in a row this week, then one night next week. I haven't even gone through clothes to pack yet. Gosh....
I am 1 1/2 socks done on Monkey 2, 1 sock nearly done on Hogwarts Sock, haven't touched glove in a week or any large knitting project. I have been sock rich for a few weeks, starting in July the major projects have to be come to the front again.
My stash is growing frighteningly fast.

I received my box from my pal from SP10, in the first box she sent that lovely Lobster Pot Yarn, this time I received the most beautiful yarn. I have never done the Potomatus sock from Knitty. I believe this yarn is the perfect yarn for the socks. Also had some other treats in the box.Look at the wonderful tote, I am thrilled with the kindness and generosity of my Pal.

I was fortunate enough to get into the Sneakup at Loopy Ewe this week(whilst waiting for DS2 to come in from the prom)...I received these yarns. Cider Moon Icicle Yarn in Asbury Park(fav)Lost,Wild Honey, Sweet Potato Pie(yum)

,Gypsy Knits (poor knitter's cashmere in Blue Moon(?for Seduction socks),Fleece Artist in Woodlands. and All Things Heather in Dorothy(I'll click my heels together three times when I wear these)

Last week I got some Panda Cotton in Cinnamon and Fall herbs, the cutest little balls o yarn I have seen.Also from Loopy Ewe

  • Also over the past two weeks I was really lucky to get three colorways from Sock Duets, A Swell Yarn Shop
  • in Sailor Girl,Crocus and Lizard Rock.

    Also I found the name of the Etsy dealer I purchased the orange from the Monkeys are being knit of, it was one of my favorite stash yarns and although the orange was not available for replacement I did get Lilac Purple and Soft Purple and Green from Kindred Spirits Yarn as well as Iris from Mindseyeyarn
  • and Midnight Passion from Fearless Fibers Seeing a theme there with purples? Oddly enough the Kindred Spirits and MindsEye came the same day.

  • My Colorswap box from Ashley, she sent me three skeins of Noro Silk in a purple green colorway.Also, some really cool items in green and purple the absolute two best colorways there are. I am so grateful for her generosity

  • OK I am finishing a bag for the Felted Bag Swap and a secret for the PRGE, which I will post once it is received.
    This is a draft I will add links, better descriptions,pics in a bit, also I will correct spelling, LOL.
    Oh one more pic, DH thought I would like to try dyeing my own yarn and knows my love of Louet so he presented me with this

    Is he an enabler or what? Of course the colorway happens to be in his favorite color of blues, LOL.
    I so appreciate anyone who has made it all the way to the end of this update. Thanks for reading and remember to hug your family


    Lorraine said...

    Cheryl- You should be very proud, behind every successful child stands a supportive parent.
    I wish them both the very best.

    My kids say they're never leaving.

    P.S. what's your e-mail address?

    Cheryl said...

    Thanks Lorraine, I have several addys, let's see you could try sewsew23atcomcastdotnet or knittingknutatsocktopiadotnet

    vegasangelbrat said...

    Oh I know your a proud parent! Congrats to both!!! and Hey, my kids know they are welcome back home anytime, doors always open.

    I'm in love with your stask!! All those pretty pretty purples :) Even some of those other colors aren't bad..wish I had half of what you got...
    Enjoy your trip to me before you go and don't forget my Gosh I wish I oculd go with you there, its a dream of mine one day!
    Hopefully talk to ya soon!!

    Laura said...

    Congrats on making it this far! I'm so happy for you and both your boys! I'm so glad you're allowing your boys to always have a home in your house :)
    As a parent ofa medically "messy" kid, I know the pride that goes alongwith every milestone!

    congratulations to all of you. Graduations are not just a one person's a whole village effort.

    and stop making me homesick with Disney photos!!! LOL!

    and as for yarn, have you seen Shelby's (the ravenclaw shelby on the sock swap!) etsy store? she's got some BEAUTIFUL colors in the blues and purples. I just got a skein of what she calls "Night bus" and was seriously tempted by a skein of Albus Dumbledore.

    Laura (Hogwarts Sock Swap)

    Ashley said...

    Congrats on the graduation of two obviously well-raised boys! They are surely a testament to their parents. And I also don't get why people think the kids get the boot at 18. I lived on and off with my parents during college and before my wedding, and we (the parents and I) would not exchange that for the world!!

    Glad you liked the yarn and goodies! It was so much fun shopping for you!

    Ashley (May colorswap)

    Janet said...

    Congrats on graduating kids. Both DH and My 18 yr. olds are out in the world. (their choice) Kids living at home are ok if all parties agree on conduct,rules, and responsibilities.
    Nice stash.

    Rebecca said...

    Congratulations to your boys, and to the parents who did a fabulous job raising them!