Friday, December 15, 2006


Hi pics yet as I am very tired, still knitting but so tired. I work 3 12 hour overnight shifts ina very busy major hospital. While I do manage to get some knitting done here and there...however, I also work per diem a few other places and try to have a know the drill. I am fortunate to have three tremendously understanding men in my life. DH appreciates the arts of crafting tremendously and is my main enabler, my two DSs have never known me to not knit or craft so are distantly impressed but also know if something is wanted or needed they will get it as quickly as I can produce it. I am finishing up some holiday knitting and working on several items for KALs. Working tonight and cutting sleeping short to get in some knitting...
I will be posting pics late Monday or early Tuesday of 2-3 finished items, perhaps 4 and update progress on the others.

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