Monday, September 30, 2013

Still Here

Work on kitchen redo continues.  More cabinet painting, trim painting, wall papering  The clutter is not a permanent part, just an interruption in the process

   Poor Phineas is worse and worse with an occasional good day thrown in  I took him for a walk, less than a tenth of a mile and it took nearly 40 minutes. But he was at least made happy by two groups of the University's girl running club who stopped to pet and admire him.  He loves ladies and the visit put a little pep in his step.  It was so sweet.

Barnaby always tries to get out so I harnassed him up and out we went.  He hated it, so perhaps he will stop trying to wander.
This is Miss Winnie Cooper.  She is My DS1 and his wife's almost 6 month old rescue puppy.  I was planning a visit and went a bit early to take Miss W out for a walk.  She is learning commands at puppy school and while she does do great with stop, at which time she sits, I had a bit of time trying to get her to move again, lol.  She was intrigued with the flying leaves and we had to run a few of them down.  They met their demise as she pounced them
After the walk and some play the little pup slept at my feet while I knit
Barnaby the Grey believes himself to be a puppy and snuggles the dogs, drinks their water, trying to at the same time they are drinking, and commandeers there beds.  here he snuggles Phineas having slipped his paw under Phin's. He is a gorgeous little kitty.
How can one even think of moving off the couch when two 6 motnh old kitties wrap themselves around your legs and go to sleep.I stayed like this for some time.
As of this writing, one of the work babies has been born and the other will be here soon.  Baby Boy B arrived last Thursday and is an extremely handsome little man.  I got to visit and hold the angel, so heartwarming to see new life.  he and his Mom looked wonderful and so much in love. I made this little 3-6 motnh cap and sweater for him from cascade 220 superwash.  The yarn bloomed and became wonderfully soft after a washing.  I was pleased as I am not a fan of 220 regular.  The sweater was an extremely quick knit.  The color is turtle and I love it.
I wanted to make this item and decided I would.  Another work friend is a blossoming phographer and will do the newborn shoots.  Ihad such fun with the.I plan on making more and selling them.  Four strands of yarn makes this quite cushy

The peas are grape fruit size and right now Baby Boy B is having his photos done!!
I will leave you with a picture and a story.  In March we had a Mad Hatter Bridal Shower for DS@ and his now wife.  These are some of the cupcakes I made.19 boxes of 18 in each.  Not many leftovers.  The flavors were salted caramel,ricotta lemon raspberry,mint cappuccino, malted milk ball and ketchup(the couple loves ketchup.)

And this is a story DH wrote and put on is wonderful
A true story.
We are blessed to have three wonderful dogs. While they are each amazing, they are very different. A point that was illustrated in an astonishing way today.

We were playing tennis in the back yard. (This involves me hitting tennis balls for the two black labs to retrieve, while Phin, our Aussie Shepherd sits and chews a squeaking tennis ball. His knees are too bad to run). 

I hit a tennis ball, it traveled high into the air, and lodged in a branch. There it stuck.
Here's where the differences showed.

Oliver, the big black lab, stood patiently, tail wagging, waiting for the ball to magically appear.

Phineas, got up, slowly walked over, and sat under the tree, nearly beneath the ball, and stared up at it.

Nickolas, our youngest black lab, looked up at the ball, then turned his head, and ran over into the lilac grove, causing an unseen commotion. Seconds later, a squirrel shot up through the lilacs, leaped to a large red cedar tree, and then into the maple tree where the ball was stuck. Sure enough, the squirrel ran along the very branch in question, and as it leaped from that branch to another tree, the ball dropped to the ground, right in between Phin, and Nickolas, who merely stood grinning knowingly.

Olliver ran over and scooped up the ball he had been waiting for the whole time.

So til next time with more knitting , renovating and sewing update.  Hug those you love.  Hi Mom

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