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Rose of Tralee

Where oh where has my life flown away to?  This has been a most busy year.  I will try and update, but as I sit watching QVC and the Rose of Tralee special, I admire the Aran sweaters and miss my blogging friends.  SO I am back!  There have been many many things going on that have kept me from having the time to post, but this is the fall of Cheryl.  So here we go.

As is the case, when time allows and on breaks, I knit at work.  Last year many of my co workers showed interest in and asked to learn or further their skills.  I am in the process of getting my Expert Knitter Certification from WEBS and of course was thrilled that the art is in another resurgence so was quite receptive to aiding those interested.  One new knitter in particular thought it would be fun to form a secret group on Facebook where they could show progress, ask questions, cheer one another on.  I am the Knitmaster and we are all Cheryl's Knitting Circus.  It has been quite the adventure.  The skills of these knitters has progressed and I am quite proud of all that they accomplish.  I will share some of their accomplishments from time to time.  Another Clown, as they are referred to, suggested we should do something as a group and we started knitting Chemo Caps we will donate next month.  I had hoped to give about 50 hats as a donation but at last count we are over 130!!  It is amazing...they have learned to knit in the round, read patterns, use DPNs and even design their own hats.

I, decided on a long term project of writing a knitting book.  The first project that will surely go in is a pair of mittens I designed with the collaboration of one of the Clowns.  It started as a silly conversation of "hey we should do..."  and then we did.  Our weekend supervisor suffered the loss of one of her beloved Golden Retrievers, so A pair of mittens honoring him and his "sister" was designed by me and knit by the both of us.  I am not sure they will ever be worn as they are a very emotion filled symbol for her, but they are gorgeous and I am extremely proud of them.

In March, a lovely Bridal Shower for DS2 and his then Fiancee was the focus of my attentions.  My DIL and the bridal party and I were very busy.  DH and I designed and made the centerpieces, my DS2 FMIL and I made the favors.  Much cooking and baking by all and the results were a beautiful Mad Hatter themed shower for the couple.  They got married in June and agaan, I was quite busy.  I knit the Bride's shrug, the groom's socks, made the Bride's petticoat, my dress, all the groomsmens ties, the Groom's vest and tie, DH's tie, the Bride's bag and bags for the bride's maids and flower girls shrugs were knitted.  Sadly the bridal shrug was somehow lost after the wedding but we do have a picture or two and I have promised to knit a replacement for DIL2.  I am so blessed, two wonderful sons married two incredible women.  ALSO, both of the couple bought homes this year.  one in April and the other in June.  It is a wonderful thing to see your children reach goals so quickly.

In April, I was getting ready to work an errant Monday shift(happened to be the day of the marathon) and before leaving for work found my beloved Artemus on the guest bed in a pool of blood trying so desperately to clean himself.  He always met me at the door when I returned from work late in the night and the previous two nights had not and it struck me as odd.  Finding him in this state was heartbeaking. DH took him to the vet while I went off to work.  At one point during the trainride underground, the train stopped abruptly and all cell phones went off.  people starting screaming BOMB, we were under the area where the bombs had gone off.  The train took off not stopping til it reached the hospital.  That shift was very emotional, and so busy and sad.  Coupled with worrying about my Artemus and praing that anyone I might know at the Marathon was safe, made the shift almost unbearable.  But we did what we do and got through.  In the meantime DH let me know the Vet was sure it was a UTI but when she tried to aspirate some urine there was only blood and it was likely bladder cancer.  They could do surgery but Artemus had a very bad heart and was never to undergo anesthesia according to his cardiologist, so we decided he should not suffer.  I know Annabel tried very hard and was successful at cleaning him as he was immaculate the next day.  We decided he should start his journey in his favorite place, the deck, and for two hours he sat there with me, still, occasionally moaning but enjoying the sun and the many visits from his brothers and sister.  Annabel would not leave him and the dogs came and paid their respects.  I will forever hate the vet who was kind enough to come to the house within hours of being called and let Artemus gently go assisted with meds.  I held him and we gave him a beautiful site where we can visit .  I will never be at peace with letting my very first cat, one of my first pets go at the very young age of 4 years.  We could have let him go naturally but it would have been two to three days of suffering as his organs shut done.  I miss him greatly.  Annabel had a very hard time, she was heartbroken and we were so worried about her that within a week we were blessed to get two brothers, 5 weeks old.  It took her several weeks to accept them, but it gave her something to do watching them, teaching them.  Now they are a trio, eating off the same plate, drinking from the dogs bowls, it is a hoot.

It is quite late and I will save this and get back and finish tomorrow.

On the subject of pets, my Phineas is doing poorly.  His hips and knees are bad, were bad and the horrendous winter we had did him in.  He is lame, and on so many meds I wonder everyday if it is his last.  He is medicated for pain and the number of pills he takes inceases as time goes by.  he will let us know when he is ready and I have already asked the children if they need time with him before the day he leaves and everyone agreed yes.  he has been a wonderful dog and is just 5 years old.  We have had a cart and a brace specially made for him and they do help but neither can be used unsupervised or for long periods of time.  DH built a ramp onto the deck so Phin could get up and down, primarily unassisted. I am saddened eerytime I think of putting this always smiling puppy out of his pain...but we knew when we rescued him he would not be ours very long.  We have given him a good life and now it is going to be as close to a pain free life for however long we can.

Renovations continue on the house and new projects abound.  But for now I will say see you next week after a few pictures are added.

Remember to hug your family.  Hi Mom
 Kevin and I, I made his tie to match his sneakers and my dress
 My two sons, very diifferent but so alike.  The Groom is wearing an Avengers belt and I made his tie and vest and his brother's tie.  Both weddings the shoes of choice were sneakers
It was a picnic themed wedding reception and he loves burgers so what else would I line his vest with?
 Very old school multiple color wedding. The entire event suddenly took on a very retro feel.
The Groom, when he sees his Bride...
ALL MARRIED!!!  The girls wore flip flops, there is a multi colored petticoat under there.
I had this signage made up after consulting with the couple.  They had never heard of it and loved it so much I had this picture printed on cards to be used as thank yous.
 My gang, so beautiful, kind, smart and in love. My DIL1 is holding one of the bags I made.  We could not find ties to match the dresses, so I got wraps made for the dresses and made ties from the wraps and had leftover fabric so made the bags for the girls.
 See the petticoat, isn't she a gorgeous Bride?
 Here is the silly group photo
 EVERYONE should be this happy
The shrug, it's only wearing as the day was quite hot, it disappeared after this.
 My Design, the white fur on their chests is angora, I need to find a picture of the other side as the thumb is a hydrant
 Closeups of the Bridal shrug, over 500 beads
 Groom loves video games ...the hi score is their wedding date and the numbers beside the aliens is the date of their first date
 Barnaby, 5 weeks old and stinking cute

 Chesterton, my littlest love
 Barnaby has the most gorgeous coloring  They had to be bottle fed for a few weeks...so tiny.

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