Monday, September 16, 2013

Rainy Monday

I have been working on redoing the kitchen as the kittens wreaked havoc with the wallpaper, but it is a rainy day and I cannot take the cupboard doors outside to prime and paint so I will strip more wallpaper and paint the trim.  I wallpapered and painted the tin ceiling 5 years ago but have never been happy with the cabinets.  A reno is down the road but needing to redo the wallpaper gave me the opportunity to refinish cabinets.

The previous owners were smokers and try as I might the cabinets never looked or felt clean.  When we moved in I scrubbed them and spent a bit of $$ replacing the horrid knobs with beautiful glass ones.  I actually questioned reusing them as they are amber glass and the paint color is beehive :)  
But I wanted to help the stainless colors coordinate with the paint color so went with the square knobs.  I had been investigating these knobs at $4-6 apiece and bought them online from someone, 39 for $30!! Love a bargain.
The wallpaper was chosen first as I try to maintain the Victorian character of the house, then the paint color.  My DDIL1 and I were texting back and forth and discovered that yellow was a chosen Victorian color, while the greens were from the Art Deco era.  So yellow it is!

We generally paint the trim a color as close to the walls as possible which is also a trait of Victorian homes but we are going with bright white this time to try and brighten up the kitchen.

OK let's see what is up with knitting updates.  I cannot add pictures or descriptions or discussions currently as some things are stealth.  But I will be donating the Chemo caps my Circus has knit.  I am hoping to gather them all together, finish tagging and get some pictures.  I need to do a quick article and clarify with the Chemo Center that it is ok to send to the hospital newspaper.  I cannot wait to share all these beautiful caps with you!!!  
I am 15 minutes past my schedule of switching from knitting to DIY projects so I will stop here.
The kittens are almost 6 months old and cute as can be.  Annabel is 4y6months and it is evident she misses Artemus tremendously, as do I.  Nickolas is almost 4 and the sweetest dog ever, Phineas is almost 5.5 and has more good days than bad lately, I think we have finally figured out the right combination of his meds and Oliver will be 6 in December.  He is not always comfortable with kittens and is somewhat high strung but this manifests itself with vomiting and pacing rather than aggression .  He is a wonderful dog who tries and takes care of everyone in the house.  

So til next time, thanks for looking, leave a comment and see you soon.
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