Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

There you have it. I LOVE Valentine's Day. The heart and the peace symbol are my two favorite shapes. Right now I am wearing earrings that incooperate the two. I don't know what it is..I guess I am a closet romantic. DH and I worked and I am at work again at my per diem job. There were years we did it up right, went away, were silly and goofy romantic. I am told we may have that again next year. We shall see. At any rate, dear reader ( I am not sure there is more than one of you) I hope you spent the day with someone you love and got some chocolate(no calories on VDay) and maybe a smooch or two. My smooching was even limited as I have quite the cold and germs must be contained. SO DH for you

The ABC Blanket for my neice's first baby as well as the cute Peace Baby Set are adorable. Unfortunately I was not well enough or germ free enough to attend her baby shower. I was so disappointed but will send the gifts along to her this week. The next baby set is due by March 6. My brother and his wife are having their first child, a son and there is a shower. All this explains to some degree why Louise was not done for Opening Ceremonies.

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