Monday, March 30, 2009

Wonderful Wollmeise

I was lucky enought to hit an update or two a few weeks back, as well as make a few trades and have almost all of my WM that is meant to live with me these are the groups of packages..
Most of the Gummy Bears that get sent along with each package, I ate one(hey I needed the energy to open the packages)
And the very beautiful Wollmeise....I present
4-Terra di Siena medium intensity 100% Superwash 2-Honigtopfchen 100%SW
Serpentin Laceweight 4-Serpentin 100%SW
4-Der letzte Versuch-Medium-100%SW (1 to someone else)2-Poison Nr 5-Medium- 80/20 Twin 2-Der letze Versuch-Dark-80/20T (1 to someone else)
7-Ebenholz SW (4 are going to others)
3-Schwarz 100%SW(1 traded) 1-Versuchskaninchen 2 100%SW(NEW FAVORITE!!!) 4-Admiral 80/20 t(1 traded)
1-Campari Orange laceweight-Dark 1-Miss May Laceweight-dark(traded)
4-Herzblut-100%SW 3-Indisch Rot-medium-80/20T
2-Tiefer See Wild Thing 80/20 Fluffy-medium 2-Amazonas Wild Thing -medium-80/20T 2-Pfefferminz Prinz-medium-80/20T 2-Farn(from trade) 2-Barist"O" laceweight-medium(Iwould get a better pic but both have gone to new owners in trade)But what a beautiful color... VergiB(purchase from Ravelry) and my first yarnissima Kit Spina de Pesce(?sp)
Ok, I must go and pet my yarn...another update regarding knitting tomorrow.

Hi Mom, all this yarn comes from Germany. pretty neat eh?


Carla said...

Yummy!!!! You go, girl!

I've gotten a shipment like that, too, so I know just how wonderful it is to unpack and admire all of that yarny goodness.


Mochaknits said...

Great job. Your stalking wasn't in vain!!!!! Love them all.

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- OMG!

bev said...

Holy Cow Batman! That's lots of yarn!!! Lucky somebodies...

Michele in Maine said...

Hi Cheryl,

Just thought I'd chime in and say hi. I am in awe of your Wollmeise stalking skills - so far I've only gotten one package at a time.

Are you going to the Fling this year? Alas, finances won't allow it for me this year, but I'll be there in spirit. I will miss the great classes, old friends, Sheri and Claudia!

Your dogs are getting big! My old cocker, Newton, now 15 is failing. I hand feed him now, and he doesn't eat much. Still wags his tail and can go for short walks. Dogs' lives are just too short!

take care,

Brigitte said...

Hi Cheryl! Now I know where your blog is!

Phew! Now that is a LOT of Wollmeise. I'm like the stuff?!

Rebecca in CO said...

I am gasping in astonishment!!!! Every time I go to their site they are out of everything. How on earth did you manage to get all of this? Ever think about opening a store??...hint hint