Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Warmer weather, Wollmeise and Weary Wednesday

I have started three updates in the past two weeks and never finished them. I have been stalking WOllmeise, yes yarn. Not just any yarn, Wollmeise, wondrous, wildly colored, wool Wollmeise. If one were to peruse my stash they would take note I have some, much compared to some stashes. I am not so much into sock knitting at this time and want quantities to make sweaters and shawls. I stalked for 8 months before actually hitting an update three weeks ago and two weeks ago I hit two(with the help of DH). At times, it is very convenient to have a DH working the same schedule as you especially when an update happens in the very wee hours of the morning. I obtained a bit, a bit more with DH help after having hit an early afternoon update. I am still waiting for the delivery of all the yarn and some has been promised to others in repayment for trades or just because they were looking and had looked for me. That is how it works. I am actually stalking as I type and hope not to miss another update even with all the yarn coming,lol. Truth be told if i miss it is ok, there are a few people I would love to grab a skein or two though. But there will be other updates and Claudia will make more yarn. I was lucky enough to get in on the first round of her sock club. quarterly we receive two exclusives colorways and a pattern. The shipments have always been gorgeous and we all went in with the very common sock club understanding of maintaining the exclusivity of the yarn until the club was over. Sadly there has been controversy as someone sold the current shipment on EBAY for more than $300!! Economic hardtimes were stated as the reason but the controversy that arose and the subsequent listing of sock club shipment has caused a sad feeling. It is only yarn but people agreed to behave a certain way and then add in the factor of hardtimes and wow!! Hopefully this will not sour the possibility of another club.
Here is this month's shipment the colors are glorious and I hate to use them as they will be offered down the road and I would like more,lol.
As you see the colors are very Oriental, rich and candlelit colored. The little pouch holds a stitch marker. I love these colors and can see them combined with more solid colors.
This is also Wollmeise, Schwarz-an almost solid black
and Herzblut-a red red
I obtained in a trade these two wondrous skeins...I have wanted to see them live for some time and they do not disappoint

and Iris
I am hoping some of the other packages start coming in today.
Also, as always, the Loopy Ewe Sock CLub in all its magnificence

Yes indeed that IS Handmaiden Casbah...pretty awesome, eh? Sheri always tops the previous shipment, not sure how but she does. See the extras. a needle gauge and a tape measure with a built in pen on a ingenious. Love the color!
And we have the latest in the Chameleon Colorworks Sock Club, lordy this is too cute. I was looking at the yarn and the pattern and thinking great how exact the placement must have to be to get the yarn just right to come up in pattern...nah!! The skein is two half skeins, each being one of the two colors needed. These may get cast on immediately
and it is the BAMBINO, love bamboo, love Chameleon Colorworks.
This is the reverse side of the mittens for No More Humdrum Mittens Swap 4. I love these but will happily send them along as my pal is a cat person

Madli, poor poor Madli, she got frogged due to this

Too dang difficult to pick up with all the yo's so restarting, this time with beads. Hopefully a picture worth posting by Monday since I got a daylight lamp and hope to be able to see at night to knit.
Moving on to infinite coolness
The Zauberball, it looks huge doesn't it, naw about the size of a softball but alledges to have very long color is another view

That came from the Loopy Ewe along with this limited edition Nyoni from Fiesta

Very limited run , very good yardage, very inexpensive($20)
While stalking for Wollmeise with the crazies over on Ravelry I was turned on to two new yarns, this being one,Squoosh Fiberarts the colors are Tangelo, Blackberry(both merinos sock) and Fissure(fat sock) very fast shipping, very "squooshy"yarn.

The WM Crazies also have me convinced I must learn to spin, drop spindle first. I received this from Vampy in the UK made for me as I "talked"with her online. Is it not gorgeous?
Can you see the sparkle in it? It is a batt that will I will spin into yarn...what am I thinking?
Another lovely from the Loopy Ewe

I love SheepPaints yarn, then I discovered it is also a German or European yarn which I seem to have a hankering for lately
OK one of the pups in their new beds, I ordered them thinking they were sherpa free but as you can see...almost sent them back but the pups do seem to like them

A big hullo to Mom, we went to a family bridal shower this past weekend, very lovely.

LINKS will be added over the next few days


Lorraine said...

Cheryl- I must ask this, and I mean it in the kindest possible way: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

A :-) said...

Spinning! I KNEW it!! :-D