Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Long Time Coming

No excuses, we all have them and mine are probably not any different, so let's just have at it.

There will be many many pics and lots of updates, probably won't cover them all, not intentionally though. Knitting, dogs, house. Links that are missing, will be placed by the weekend.

I have been lucky enough to get into the Wollmeise Sock Club and have thus far received 4 beautiful skeins of Wollmeise exclusive until after the conclusion of the sock club. Claudia always outdoes herself and this yarn has been no exception. I will attempt to get all my Wollmeise acquisitions together and display them after the holidays.

Side bar, November 24 was our 7th wedding anniversary and the themes are copper and wool. DH presented me with two yarns from Loopy Ewe in the theme colorways, a copper shawl pin and a substantial gift certificate to Wollmeise. I have hopes of procuring enough Wollmeise for a sweater.

I was working on a stealth Christmas project designed by dear friend Bev of Emma's Daughter designs and worked very diligently in secrecy, still shall not reveal the project pics as DH reads blog. But it will not be presented on Christmas as we have agreed to not exchange gifts this year. Bev's designs are amazing as are dear friend Lorraine's of Twisted Traditions. I am waiting on delivery of KP Palette yarn to make Delphine . I am so excited as the designs are old and traditional and modern and romantic all at the same time. There is talk we will all actually meet up at Rhinebeck next year. It will be like meeting rock stars!!

I did attend Rhinebeck in October for a day with another dear friend, Michelle, NeedleD1 on Ravelry. We had such fun we have already decided it will be the entire weekend next year. the only question remaining to be answered is whether or not DHs will also come along. I did very little spending as I was very aware of stash and WIPs. I have so much to put into stash on Ravelry. DH cleaned the office where the yarn has been living and it seems a doable project for January. Perhaps there will even be some destashing.

I finished and have mailed mittens for the third round of No More Humdrum Mittens. Deb does a terrific job organizing and keeping us all in line. these were the Peace Gloves by Nanette Blanchard which I modified into mittens. I love them. They are long and soft and warm, made from KP Palette yarn which is quickly becoming one of my favorite yarns for stranded work.

There has been yarn purchases and project planning but I cannot photo it all in time for this update.

The house has seen major improvements. the living room is done, wallpapered and tin ceiling painted.
New lighting ,the hand embroidered piece on the wall was made for us by my DM. She did one for each of her daughters(6) in the colors of their living room.

and taffeta drapes.
here is the room before and after.

The ceiling is brown leather color, with a border of metallic copper and a mo;ding of dark blue with an overwash of copper.
We didn't put our regular gaggle of ornaments on as we weren't sure how the dogs would react so these are felt. But they are fine and we could have put our more than 200 ornaments, primarily glass, on. I may add a few more but next year we will go all out.
DS1GF helped with the drapes working into the wee hours of the morning to have it done for our family Open House.
Nice to have my own personal elf.

The outside of the house is not completed, I did what I could every day, but the weather now has me beat. It will be finished in the spring. There is still dentil to paint and hang,

a gable insert to procure and paint and hang, gingerbread trim to be carved and painted.
But the front and 1.5 sides did manage to get done up.

The holidays lights are also up and looking oh so pretty.

People drove by and frequently would yell out how they liked my color combination so I imagine I will be seeing it around some. The new porch light was hung(ceiling and deck not painted yet), the lamppost had to wait til the spring(something about getting the concrete foundation in before the first freeze). the new steel door and storm door look marvelous, custom like. The steel door involved actually making the opening large and reframing. The houseis old with horsehair and lathe plaster so it was a tedious tenuous job. I am very pleased. The inside foyer and stairs will be the winter projects, then come spring, finish the house, paint the barn(install a very tall arched window first where the loft door is) and build a deck. All this work took so much time from my knitting. DH helped a few days when we had a boom to do the high spots, he doesn't like ladders, I didn't like the boom.

These are reindeer gingerbread cookies minus eyes made for the Open House,
And a Snowman cake centerpiece, he has a real carrot nose.
Speaking of gingerbread, when I was growing up an aunt always made THE gingergread boy cookies. THE boy RUNNING, after all he ran and ran as fast as he could, right? I never understood the standing boy cookies and lusted after the running cutter. After many many years said aunt gave to me the treasured red plastic running gingerbread boy cookie cutter. Before its first use disaster struck and sister number 5(I have 5 brothers and 5 sisters) accidentally threw the cutter out. I have never found another. Same sister came to our Open House and brought along this
a new, larger running gingerbread boy cookie cutter. "I will run and jump as fast as I can, you can't catch me I am the gingerbread man" Oh so cool!!
This most beautiful poinsettia was gifted from my DHs DA and DGM

Brother number 2 and his wife were at an antique fair and thought of me when they saw this engraving. It is from the 1870s and is titled the "The Skein Winder" by Jean Louis HamonAppropriate, eh? There is also an explanation about the engraving and I am looking for the very perfect frames for both pieces. It already has the perfect feel for the house. DS1GF Mom came by and gifted us with this beautiful kissing ball. I wanted 7 but they are expectedly expensive. So this year we have two. perhaps if I save my pennies for next year.
DB number 3 and his wife came strolling in with this magnificent Christmas cactus. I had had one for 16 years and one day the cold got it. I had planted several plants from the original, each as beautiful as the other. Now I can once again start my family of Christmas cactuses.

DS2 turned 19 Dec 3 and was presented with an iPhone. he had wanted one but would never ask as he is very unselfish. he needed a new ipod so why not just combine a phone upgrade with a music device upgrade? Needless to say he was thrilled. It is quite an interesting little machine, enough so that I am intrigued. He is a wonderful young man and we are very proud of him,
Yes it does say cake by Oliver. You don't think I did such a messy job do you? DS1GF turned 24 on October 1 and had a fun filled birthday celebration before the cake and as you can see with the singing. I have said before we are so lucky she has become part of our family. l>r in picture, DS2, DS1 and DS1GF lsighing hysterically at the antics

The pooches are cute as ever, Oliver will be 1 at the end of the month and Phineas is 7 moths old.

DS1 seems to be particularly partial to Phineas and
Oliver is obviously DS2 dog. Look at the crazy way he relaxes on him.

They love the new storm door

and spend many a morning lazing in the sun in front of it. They were both mystified by our first snow and ate much of it.

As I speak they are herding DH into kitchen to procure some of the roast beef that just came out of the oven. So much fun they are!!

I am thinking that is it for now. I am going to try and post at least weekly in the future.

Happy Holidays to all, be safe, be happy and hug your loved ones.


Kristi said...

Hi Cheryl, Your house looks wonderful. You and your family have done a beautiful job. Your puppies are getting so big. I saw that you signed up for the Spring Fling. I hope we all get to go back. :) Kristi (queenbee1958)

bev said...

So glad to see you back! Thanks for the wonderful complement. I am blushing! Your house!!! OMG, your house! It is stunning. Only wish mine were as "put together". Love the colors for the outside and the wallpaper is great. The transformation from a house to your home is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

The house is looking great :-)

I'm sorry that we missed you at Rhinebeck. I was there with Kathy and Tammy and a few others - hopefully come Spring Fling :-)

Have a wonderful Holiday!!!!

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- The house is an absolute dream, you HAVE been busy.

Wishing you and your wonderful family the best holiday- here's to a great 2009.

Don't Labs crack you up?