Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Oliver!!!

Today our very first dog, our precious black lab, Oliver, turns one year old!!! I had always promised the boys when we owned a house we could get a dog. So, last December 18, when we passed papers on our first home the question ineveitably came up. Then it was pointed out we have a house, a large barn and land so...yes the decision was made that we eventually will end up with at least 4 dogs. March 15 we picked up our dear sweet Oliver. he was so much larger than we anticipated and he still frightened me(scared of most dogs).
His first night he was awake all night sick with kennel cough and when we called the kennel the next day they offered to take him back. DS2 stated he was his dog and we would not be returning him. So we all nursed this frightened little 22 pound puppy back to health.
Oliver and I reached an understanding the first night when we learned he couldn't maneuver stairs and I had to carry him up and down, shaking all the way. He also was quite tolerant when I was the only human around to give his pills as I waited for a yawn from him to throw the pill in his mouth.
We have come along way and he steals our hearts everyday. he is a wonderful dog, all lab, cute and loving and curious and protective and so happy to you return even if you were gone only a few minutes.
Oliver generously welcomed our second dog, Phineas, into the family in August. Poor Phineas was a very frightened little guy having been rescued from a kill shelter(what an oxymoron) and Oliver immediately became playmate, protector, mentor, big brother.
Our lives are all enriched with the daily unconditional love this dog gives us. He is a joy.
Happy Birthday, Oliver!!!

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A :-) said...

He is a handsome dog, Cheryl :-) You are lucky to have such great canine companions in your family!