Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope everyone's Christmas was spent with people you love and everyone remained safe. I return to work New Year's Eve, should have been Jan 2 at the first minute of the day, however I offered to come in earlier.

Our Christmas was spent in our new home.
The children are older now and the puppies need tending to, so it worked out all around.
I received some knitterly things.

This beautiful lace knitting bag and markers from my good friend, Hariamrit(aka Goatlady).
I met Hari through the LoopyEwe Spring Fling 08. Hari was the best thing about the entire experience. She is a treasured friend. The kind that you could talk with every day or once a month and there is never hard feelings or a loss of things to talk about. It is a very non awkward friendship, very rare. She is a very interesting lady and solely responsible for my knitting socks on two circular needles. that has been extended to mittens as well. I could, momentarily, knit two on two but have lost the knack. However I did receive from Ds1GF
Pretty neat right? ....yes I will soon be venturing into the world of spinning.

DS2 picked this up all on his own, and as with her other books, I am enjoying reading it.
Not knitterly, but DS1 gave me this requested book. I am not going vegan but so many of the recipes seem healthier and I am going to incorporate at least some of the theories into my lifestyle.
My friend, Michelle, (NeedelD1) accompanied me on the trip to WEBS year end blowout sale. Michelle gave me this beautiful coin purse/notions purse.
So it! Speaking of WEBS, we crossed the threshold shortly before 10am and were both convinced including the 2.5 hour commute, we would be home earl afternoon. Checking out in line someone said it was shortly after 2pm!! We literally had to stop ourselves from another trip up and down the aisles in the back room. This is what I got to add to my stash.
The yarn is for this sweater,
the corally color for DS1GF and the other for me. Sock yarn(which I held and thought it was as nice as the Cascade sock and the label on the bag actually said Cascade yarns.
Relabelled for WEBS or similiar I am not sure). I love the Cascade fixation and couldn't resist this colorway.
I had wanted this book for some time and it was 25% off so who could resist?
We tried to take Christmas photos of the puppies in their holiday finery. They were a bit confused at first.
We are not sure what prompted this pose but .......
I am trying to decide what I want to accomplish in knitting in 2009.....will think on it the next few days.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is planning a safe and joyous New Year Celebration.


Lorraine said...

Cheryl- Sounds like an amazing holiday, and how great that you're in your new home to celebrate.

Spinning is something I'm resisting, so I'm interested to see how you make out.

bev said...

Merry Christmas! Your trip to Webs sounds like it was so much fun. Makes me miss my trips to Brown Sheep Mill. Love the pics and WOW! does your lab have a shiny coat or what!!! Must give some thought to the 2009 project line-up as well. Hope you have a wonderful and happy New Year.