Monday, February 18, 2008

Life Updates Now, Knitting Tonight

OK, so I had an excellent birthday weekend...truly one of the best. My brother and sister in law visited, oohed and aahed about the house , brought a hugemongous plant and jsut sat and talked. Turns out DB loves horse manure so he will come back and remove quite a bit of it for us. Last owner was to remove it but....
Sunday, DH surprised me with a trip to a home show. Much more fun to attend when you own a home. We have an appointment for an appraisal to paint the house with some newfangled stuff that is guaranteed for life, never need to repaint...saw what we hope to be the door for the barn.
Still in birthday line, here is the uba cool box the ear piece came in for the DG phone, so blingy!!!

AND the two grand knitting books from DS2
AND who doesn't need a handheld Tetris from DS1 and GF...
AND I am not sure if it was house warming or birthday but I was up early to try and knit, not so much time, even though I have been on vacation...and I heard a rumble and felt a shake...I though "Holy crap what fell off my house" Nothing, absolutely nothing...HOWEVER....the tree the neighbors must have ordered for me landed in the yard...on closer inspection it is merely a 30-50 foot branch from the tree in their front yard...!!!!

Kitchen updates
Our new kitchen set, counter height table, so cool
New ceiling fan...c'mon now isn't it perfect???

Awesome new coffee maker , grinds the beans then makes the coffee....yum
Proposed backsplash after new counter goes in after we add a few cabinets...
The PERFECT curtain, so vintage perfect
In living room the vintage kitchy curtain holdbacks in use
This is what I listen to when knitting does happen
Oh oh here is the closet in the office, yes it is a yarn closet currently. I wold guess 75% of yarn has been catologued on ravelry and stored neatly away. This is an ongoing project since is nice to see all my beautiful yarn and appalling at how much there is!! AND I have that LE gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.
Thanks for reading and sharing my birthday...knitting updates later

UPDATE: Knitting updates tomorrow, the above post took in excess of 7 hours!! Blogger was very fluky today....all my pictures aren't there....I will add picture of plant tomorrow!!! May be going to a casino tonight!! WOOT!! I only play pennies heehee


bev said...

Love your closet! What a great stash storage/hiding place. And the house. You are making me want to move on so badly and be out where you are. But, the tree thing. Now that is truly magical! LOL If you house has a fireplace, you were given the gift of firewood. If it doesn't, you were given the gift of meeting your neighbor - given that one regardless. If your DH is a wood worker, you were given his birthday present! (it is hardwood, isn't it?) Also, you were given the excuse to put in a new fence - one of your choosing! Look at all the benefits of having a tree fall into your yard!

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- The knitting closet alone would have sold me.

It's good that you're enjoying your home.

bookwoman said...

Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you were well-recognized.
I love the proposed backsplash. Is that pressedtin (or pressed tin-ish)?

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to check on anonymous commenting. :) Wow, totally envious of your gorgeous home!! It is gorgeous!

Welcome to The Big Bag KAL/Swap. You're my first "local". :) I'm on the Cape.