Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes today is my birthday...woot!!! Quick blog post...
DS1 and 2 and DSGF purchased this Jordana Paige Messenger Bag for me

It is coming this week...again I say Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Among many other gifts DH gave me a rather substantial Loopy Ewe gift certificate, he thought for the Spring Fling in April,,,of course like any good groupie I immediately inquired if I HAD to wait til April to use it :) AND a very blingy new cell phone and ear piece from Dolce and Gabana..what? What is wrong with my old paint covered have to have the speaker on to hear anything, what I am breaking up cell phone... Even the box it came in had bling!!!
I am also getting a Vintage sock kit, the one the Harlot recently did with the leaves on it!!! Again I say....TO ME!!!

DS2 also gave me two,One Skein Wonders, knitting books and DS1 and GF a hand held Tetris...and a PINWHEEL!!!

My DB and DSIL came all the way down to see the new house and celebrate with us. Woot!!! I am third of eleven children and he is one of my two older brothers. A monstrously large housewarming plant is sitting here looking at me :) Our first was especially nice to see them on my birthday.

OK tomorrow morning I am busy as the celebration mysteriously continues...I will update with knitting and house progress tomorrow.

Time for another little piece of cake...heehee..hey how many times do you get a birthday?


Lorraine said...

Cheryl- What a great haul, so far. You deserve it.

Happy Birthday.

bev said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! Boy are they all spoiling you rotten. That bag is the greatest! And the Cell Phone? They must think an awful lot of you.
And, to answer your question - you can have a birthday any time you want one. Just announce it far enough in advance that folks can do the gift thing. (don't overdo it - the gifts get smaller)

Cheryl said...

LOL, I didn't know that Bev....Thanks Bev and Lorraine. This morning the celebration continued and DH took me to a home show, i was lamenting not going to the one in January. I is much different going if you actually own a home, LOL....

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh Happy Birthday !! Awesome haul, you go girl! I've always been told you can celebrate all month

Carrie K said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Nice haul.

Maybe not the tree falling next door. But I love your backsplash/ceilings. And that bag!

Rebecca said...

Happy belated birthday! You so deserve everything you received because YOU are such a generous giver. I love that messenger bag!