Saturday, November 24, 2007

Isn't this neat? DS1 DGF made this for Thanksgiving. ALthough I worked and am still, I enjoyed a small piece each morning for breakfast.
Today is our 6th Anniversary...I have no wedding pictures on line but will scan one in tomorrow. DH is a wildly passionate mushy romantic. We are generally away on "Annimoon" vacations, but this year is the first time we are not. We are in the midst of trying to purchase our first house, actually an antique 108 year old farmhouse with a 3 story barn!!! We agreed no trip, no gifts, however the gift for year 6 is sugar and he surprised me with these
There are chcolate and lemon to signify the sweet and sour times of our marriage and swans as they mate for life. Who knew there was romantic pastry!!
Also, our wedding cake was Wedgewood blue with white chocolate maple leaves all over, leaves have always played an important theme with us, my wedding gown train was strewn with them as was the bodice. I made it and beaded many many leaves(DH insisted on beading the one that would be appliqued over my heart). So DH also brought home this

It is our Anniversary/Fall/Buying a house with an acre of land with a zillion trees!!!
So while I am off to work, DH has the night off :( But, this is the ONLY year we will not be on an Annimoon....)


Anonymous said...

SITM pal here .... that cake looks fantastic AND delicious! I especially love the leaves!

Rubys & Purls said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the cakes and the big one too! Your DH is so romantic! Here's wishing you many more future anniversary's!

Congrats on the new(old) house too!

sunneshine said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you many more loving years in the beautiful new house!!

CynicalKnitter said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

vegasangelbrat said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I sure hope your able to get the old farmhouse!
I think thats Great that DH is such a romantic :)
Hope you have many many more years to come! Beautiful cake by the way!

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- A house? How exciting is that?

Happy anniversary, and many more to you.

Rebekah said...

Oh wow that cake is gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!

Tricotine said...

What a beautiful cake! :-)