Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GOOD MORNING MONDAY!!!! Truly, it is 442am and I am starting this where? C'mon guess, really, three guesses first two don't count...WORK!! Unreal huh?
MITTENS, we mittens....I love these mittens, they are finished and ready to be shipped!!! The mitten on the left is palm side up...where IS the thumb?? Heeheehee I have tried them on so many times I have bonded with them!!! But alas they are going to my No More Humdrum Mittens Pal....I hope she enjoys them as much as I have already.
Christmas Around the World Swap scarf...it is twice as long and I love it. It is the Branching Out scarf pattern fromKnitty and I am using Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool
We have had much yarn delivered for sock clubs, some over, some forgotten, LOL. We have
Duet Sock Yarn from the Lucky Lurkers Sock Club hosted by Angela of A Swell Yarn Shop
. I have admitted before to hoarding this yarn...I have much and have yet to use it...most of it is dyed in limited quantities and I have a fear of using it...haha

We also have the final yarn from the Chameleon Sock Club, the yarns and patterns are always exquisite, unfortunately Janel has to end the sock club. It will start up again in 2008.
Also the fall/winter Loopy Ewe Sock club shipment. Sheri never fails to delight with the yarn, patterns, extras. Do you see this shipment's yarn is from the Yarn Pirate? COOL!!!
There is the third I believe shipment from Carrie at Cosmic Yarns and the Potter Cover yarns Club...Always the yarns complement the book covers int the series. AND there is always a unique stitch marker!!!
Then I believe I joined a seasons yarn club on the Sundara yarn site and was delightfully surprised today with my first shipment...the yarn is Madelintosh hand dyed yarn in malachite, the pattern for it is amazing!!!

I received two amazing swap shipments!!!! FIRST we have the shipment from Stacey for the Harvest Sock Swap..WOW!!! The theory was make one sock for your pal and ship the yarn and pattern and they will make the other. Stacey emailed frequently and asked what I would like. Well, I have been eyeing the Jaywalker for a long time...I have yarn from Cosmic Fibers to make the Js for DS2...but there is something about that densely knit sock that intimidates me, a knitter of nearly 40 years!!! Stacey was kind enough to knit Jaywalker for me!!! First in ....ready.....Wollmeise, but she was not getting the desired sock and then in this Punkin head colorway....they are glorious and perfect. Well it is glorious and perfect!!! Now I will make the other and then make them for DS2. As you can see she also included some Godiva chocolate covered strawberries and some Soda Pop Jelly Belly beans!!!! I loves me the JBB!There are tow precious notebooks, one I have designated to hold new house info..the Wollmeise first used for the sock, yes I have me some Wollmeise!!!!! Happy happy joy joy dance happening!!!! The needles to knit the sock, pattern, and can you see that exquisite clutch in the back? It is by Mango Moon, and is a needle holder/project bag. It is amazing. Their site has the story behind the company. I will be purchasing from them in the future. What an amazing stash!!!!!Thank you so much Stacey.

Speaking of the Harvest Sock Swap, my Pal's sock had to be frogged and redone, but it is a quick knit and will go out the end of the week. I am using a limited edition Koigu I received from the Koigu yarn club I joined. I have a similar colorway so was thrilled to use this for my Pal.
And I received my SP11 shipment from still not named Pal. These shipments have always been generous to the extreme....just look. there is a special tea blend, smells yummy and a special cup to drink it in. The cup is perfect, just the right size for wrapping your hands around. I love it!! A candy bar we happened to have frequently in Ireland....Yorkie, not for girls is what the label says, Some very tasty biscuits, fibery, yummy just right with the tea. AND..LOOK..one of my favorites, I know I say that a lot, but truly Angora Valley yarns is another I hoard...I just used some for the Monkey Swap and now I have some new! the colorway is twilight and my Pal says it reminds here of the flowers in England...it does, having been to England myself. I am so lucky to be spoiled by this mystery person. Thank you dear sweet pal.

Yes I know all this and no Mermaid talk, My Mermaid has grown a bit, just past the armhole gusset. yes there is a picture, no it is not here. It is still on the card in the camera in the car of DH

. I am off to work in a few minutes and will address this in the AM. I can't sleep tomorrow anyways as I have to ship off the mittens and my final SP11 box and then do lawyer house things and get DS2 from school as Wednesday is an early preop appointment. Did I mention DS2 is having some surgery. It is planned and a long time coming but also not so terribly simple. When would one have surgery during the holiday season ? When else? Christmas Eve and for the first time he has to stay in at least overnight. So that s where I will be Christmas Eve and Christmas. My sons were each less than 24 hours old when I went home from the hospital. They have never stayed longer than a few hours in recovery for any of their prior surgeries, so staying over is a big deal. Luckily it is the hospital where I work so have access to everywhere and will take him on a wheelchair joy ride in the middle of the night if he needs it. I predict that is when the Jaywalkers for him will be seen as WIP.
I will go back into this at work and do the links and check the spelling...
Thanks you to my amazing swap pals and to all for your anniversary wishes. Next year there will be Annimoon pictures...well some..heehee


Cheryl said...

This was published Monday but blogger went crazy and reconfigured everything so I had to repost....

Cheryl said...

I have had to edit this 6 times, pics disappear and return, it is freaky.....

Rebecca said...

LOTS of goodies in this post but my FAVORITE is those stunning mittens!!!! Great job!

Anonymous said...

SITMT pal here ...

Wonderful goodies. I love those mittens!

Just wondering - did you take the your foot info down? Is it just me or is it missing? I hadn't gotten a chance to write it down anywhere concrete yet.

Can you please email it to me at p3knitter@yahoo.com?


vegasangelbrat said...

Oh Cheryl those mittens are gorgeous! Lucky pal to get those!
You do seem to get great swap goodies, beautiful yarns for sure.
Know that DS will be in prayers, hope everything goes well!

bev said...

Hey Cheryl;

How is the farmhouse deal going? I have a farm you can buy!!! LOL
Love your mermaid and the progress is great. Mine is treading water because the Boyfriend and turned into the OCD Guy and has all kinds of stuff to do all the time! Can I come play with your yarn? He is making me pack mine!

Carrie K said...

Those mittens are gorgeous.

Your mermaid is looking good!

Is there a good time to have surgery? At least you get to be there.