Thursday, June 21, 2007


OK, so I will try and get this posted before naptime. Back to work tonight. Let's see...yarn.

I received this lovely package as we were leaving for the airport two weeks ago. I brought it with me but didn't manage to start the lovely sock.

This was my Hogwarts Sock Swap Kit from Carrie aka Dharmafey. She is a glorious Etsy seller. I have purchased much of her Cosmic Fibers yarns. They are wonderful colorways. The bag she made is a wonderful Polly Juice print on one side and stars on the other. The yarn is dyed from onion skins and she got it from another dyer. The pattern is a lovely lace pattern, I also received KP dpns, yea! Really pretty stitch markers, bookplates and a lovely note. I was well spoiled that is for sure.

I also received my Hufflepuff socks from the Hogwarts Sock Swap . My partner kept her identity very secret, Nymphadora Tonks turned out to be Mandy . She, amazingly enough, knit my socks from yarn from Carrie!!! Isn't that terrific? Mandy sent along some beautiful CP bamboo dpns,a Cookie A pattern(woohoo), Regia yarn, tea, jelly beans(I know the package looks diminished,it arrived that way honest,perhaps the owl ate the jelly beans?)Can you see the stitch markers? FANCY!! A lovely note written on yellow and black fabricy paper. The teeny tiniest little HP sock on a keychain. Mandy sent the pattern for that and knit the sock from the same yarn.

I wasn't too worried about no yarn in Ireland as I knew this was on its way to me..

I purchased 10 skeins of NORO Silk Garden from one of the terrific knitters on another KAL I am in(Dale) and she included an 11th skein!!! Thanks so much Brigitte! And is it my luck that the new Knitty has this pattern for SG?

I also received these two yarns...the TV YARN is from my past spoilee JANA. She has since opened a dyeing studio and has got herself a tidy little business going. She is an ETSY dealer and is just starting to send her yarn to dealers. It is terrific yarn that I had the pleasure of sample knitting with. This yarn is Grey's Anatomy, how could I resist? I have never seen the show but working in an ER, heehee. Also the brown Cafe Au Lait yarn is from Etsy dealer SeeJayne Knit. Glorious, no?
I will wait til next week to update finished objects and works in progress as I want to post some Ireland pics:
SO here are some of the yarn shops that were closed:

Here is an assortment of pics of the gang and interesting places.Thanks so much for looking!


Lia said...

Oooo! What a lovely holiday!! And to come home to so much yummy yarn!! I am off to visit the Etsy shops you mentioned ... Welcome home!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Lia, for stopping by...always terrific to see your name.

Lorraine said...

Cheryl- Love the Ireland pics- especially the food!
I feel a bit better that you came home to such lovely swag. I must say, you're being a great sport about the shops being closed.

I would have flipped my friggin' lid- and that's no exaggeration!

Cheryl said...

Hi Lorraine...
It is dificult to get upset when I have such a monstrous stash :). And I am of the mind that I can always go back, LOL......wasn't that breakfast amazing? Thanks for your kind comments

vegasangelbrat said...

That was breakfast...Yummmmmmmmmm
I'm so glad you got to come home to such a terrifc Stash of goodies!!! Love the pic's you posted..Ireland sure is green :)
At least you had a god time in spite of finding no yarn shops open...their loss :)

Wool Girl said...

Oh, I went to Ireland last summer on vacation and had a grand time! We should swap stories! :)