Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still On Ireland Time

I knew the 5 hour difference would come into play but....I went to sleep 1am my time and have been up since 4 am my time....guess I should do some knitting. Speaking of...I finshed the second sock of a pair, first sock of a pair x2 , one leg of Socks for Soldiers, the straps of a bag and one third of a sweater back whilst away. It is tough to plan what to knit as Ireland is stricter on getting needles through. I purchased the most perculiar needles before leaving for the trip. They are plastic and unbreakable and the most unusual colors. They took getting used to and seemed to go slow but within a few hours they were very entertaining. I was using an orange set in a red/orange sock I was knitting, very novel to coordinate your There were 5 of us with 4 cameras and I guesstimate 4-5 GB of photos were shot. Much downloading and weeding through. We had such a great time. The boys bought "Irish hats" and DS1 had a beard anyways, but DS2, 17, forgot his razor. I think it should be a law that men have facial hair..heehee...anyways. Man, they looked terrific with their hats and beards. My boys are grown up and wonderful people to hang out with. DS1GF is such a doll. She is wonderful to my sons and DH and me and I am so happy she is part of our family. We didn't want to give her back to her family. DH is 6'6", a big football player sized man, we were "upgraded" to a fullsize van, and OPAL?? It was a stick shift which I was willing to drive but he could not fit anywhere else in the van, he had to drive without sneakers on his size 16eeee feet. The way back seat was a jump seat and once luggage was packed hardly room for anyone. DS2 and I switched off that seat and front passenger. He is 6'4", I am 5'9". Poor little 5"1" GF sat behind DH as only her little legs would fit. DS2 sat behind passenger. If you were the jumpseat passenger you could not see out the left side windows as suitcases obscured your veiw and on the curvy crazy roads you were attacked by the was still a ball though.
I know much talk no pics, this is what I can manage for now. Perhaps later tonight as I go back to work Thursday night.

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Lorraine said...

The cars are smaller there- they don't believe in driving these huge SUV's.
Looking forward to seeing some pics.