Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Knitter's Virtual Vacation Questionnaire

I Have lived in Massachusetts all my life. I live just south of Boston, currently, but grew up just north of Boston.

1. If you could visit any state in the US, which would it be and why?

Hmmm....visit? I am thinking right now I would love to visit Washington state...I am actually thinking of it for next year's main family vacation. I just like the temperature and the architecture. DH did a 6week bike trip through the area many years ago and loved it.

2. If you could visit any country in the world, other than your own, which would it be and why?

Well, I just returned hours ago from two weeks in Ireland, I have been there before and to France, England, Canada, bermuda...I think I would truly love to see the Scandinavian countries. There always look so clean and crisp...

3. Have you ever driven across several states/providence/countries?

Indeed, we have driven to D.C., Pennsylvania,New York, Florida, Georgia, Ohio.

4. Have you ever visited someplace you consider exotic? Where was it?

I don't believe I have, perhaps when we took the Eurostar train from London to Paris. It travels under the Channel and we were in a first class car, 5 course meal, little lamps on the table, very romantic.....
5. What was your favorite "travel" vacation? Why?
I think it may have been when we drove to Orlando in 21 hours, we spent a week or 9 days there with the boys and then their father flew down. We(DH,DSs and I) picked him at the airport and left him with the boys. They stayed a few more days and flew home. DH and I drove home by way of Cape May and a few other stops. It was a terrific vacation.
6. Have you ever played tourist in your own home city/state (if international, country)? Explain.
Yes, every few years I would do the Freedom Trail, tracing a lot of history in Boston. I adore Boston and never mind being a tourist.
8. What's your favorite type of yarn?
If you checked out my blog you would think sock yarn, and I guess that is true lately. But honestly I love Aran yarn, Noro yarn, yes yes Noro yarn, both Kureyon and Silk garden. I adore silk garden.
9. What's your least favorite type of yarn?
Hmm.....acrylic has it's uses but not for me lately...
10. What items do you like to knit/crochet?
Anything, everything, but I am in a sock mania lately.
11. What do you pack, knit/crochet wise when you go on vacation?
Well, for Ireland I packed a bag, three no four different socks and a sweater.
12. What other crafts do you do/would like to do other than Knit/Crochet?
Everything, quilting, sewing,etc
13. Are you allergic to anything? (Yarn wise or treat wise)
Not me, but DS has major nut allergies
14. What is your favorite color? Least Favorite?
I love green, purple,burgundy....least favorite is pastels
15. Sweet or Savory (Treat not personality)?
Savory, sweet :)
16. Anything else we are forgetting to ask that you think your partner desperately needs to know?
Have fun...

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