Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Birthdays, mine, as a whole, are not very important to me. But, it seems the older I get the more important they do become. I have always tried to make the boys' birthdays special, celebrate on their day, do and eat what they want. I think I pretty much succeeded in that right. Today is my birthday, my sons are grown and live away and work. DS1 and his fiancee came down last night and along with DS2 and DH celebrated. Cupcakes and cake, gifts of knitting books, reading books and dog books along with jewelry were gifted and gratefully accepted. DS2 had to leave for work, DS1 and fiancee and I ate Thai food and talked while DH went to bed as he needed to return to work. All in all a grand celebration. I am always thrilled to spend time with my gang. Thanks guys.
Today is my birthday and the intention was to be in Vancouver at the Olympics, I would have watched the curling in person and attended the skating exhibitions. But it was not meant to be. SO I am at home, having taken the night off from work, and DS2 and his fiancee worked, but they called and emailed wishes of birthday greetings and DS1 had class and is at work but has Happy Birthdayed several times. DH came home from work and watched some curling with me and now is asleep having worked last night.
Sometimes .life just gets in the way of a birthday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

There you have it. I LOVE Valentine's Day. The heart and the peace symbol are my two favorite shapes. Right now I am wearing earrings that incooperate the two. I don't know what it is..I guess I am a closet romantic. DH and I worked and I am at work again at my per diem job. There were years we did it up right, went away, were silly and goofy romantic. I am told we may have that again next year. We shall see. At any rate, dear reader ( I am not sure there is more than one of you) I hope you spent the day with someone you love and got some chocolate(no calories on VDay) and maybe a smooch or two. My smooching was even limited as I have quite the cold and germs must be contained. SO DH for you

The ABC Blanket for my neice's first baby as well as the cute Peace Baby Set are adorable. Unfortunately I was not well enough or germ free enough to attend her baby shower. I was so disappointed but will send the gifts along to her this week. The next baby set is due by March 6. My brother and his wife are having their first child, a son and there is a shower. All this explains to some degree why Louise was not done for Opening Ceremonies.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


OK I KNOW there was another post, where did it go?

We have just finished week 5 of the Knit A Norwegian KAL...my Lake Louise is lovely, but tedious.

I made it to the placket and opening ceremonies are this Friday, of course I am working.. :( I had my heart set on attending this Olympics, oh well....

The knitters on Ravelry in this particular group are all quite accomplished knitters, designers and it is an honor to "be in their company". I am finishing up some baby things and working on Louise, but she will not not be done for opening ceremonies, there is always closing, lol...

My next Dale sweater will likely be Lillehammer...I have wanted this for so very long and like most knitters , when first I bought the book, I felt it was a bit above me, which is surprising as I don't feel that way about a lot of things...but I am researching new yarn colors and what I have in stash and will firm up a decision this week.

Tomorrow, I am going to the 5th Anniversary Mass for my father...five years, so long yet truly just a blink of an eye. I think about how much my life has changed and the things I would have liked him to know about. I went to Katrina with the Red Cross Disaster Team, I rode a hundred mile bike benefit, DS1 received his under grad degree at 20 and first Masters at 22, he also met , became friends with, fell in love and is now engaged to a lovely young lady. He is prospering in his career and true to his word to my father he does not work Saturdays. DS2 has had a few surgeries which he came through swimmingly, graduated high school and pursuing his undergrad degree. He will graduate at 21 and who knows what life has in store for him. He drove a pickup and works in a home improvement store, my father was a carpenter by trade. He has formed many wonderful relationships with some really special young women and I am hoping soon he too will find his mate. My DH and I bought our first home, have renovated most of it and many times when I am high up on a ladder painting the house or cleaning gutters I see my father laughing or holding the ladder so I won't slip. I wish he were here to ask opinions about some of the things we do. We have added three dogs and two kitties to our family. Dad would have got a kick out of watching them run around land we have acquired. I am still on hold waiting to see if I will travel to Haiti in the relief efforts there on the team my hospital has sent, he would like that. But tomorrow we honor his memory at Church, his Church, a Church he loved and helped to keep in existence. Most, if not all of he and my mother's 11 children, their spouses, children and grandchildren will be there. Dad never got to see his great child and the fact that this year three more will be born and one more grandchild is a bittersweet joy.Oh well....

Nickolas is a wonderful little puppy...he has settled in nicely with his brothers and sister.

He is trying to do all the right things and learn and he loves me.
He can be running around and barking and playing and I will pick him up and cuddle him and he is gone. He was 15pounds when we picked him up 4 weeks ago, he lost a pound as he was a little sick from stress and now is 19 pounds. He adores Phineas, who is more than thrilled to have another being to herd. Oliver tolerates him but finds him a formidable playmate.

the kittens are still out on their decision.

I have not made many yarn acquisitions for some time...I have so much and am trying to use some of the stash in each project. This is my birthday month though and I am planning some pink Wollmeise as a gift to me....

OK, I will add pics and post this...for now

Hi Mom...Happy Birthday month to you also.