Sunday, January 03, 2010

Off and Running

OK so Sunday night or Monday morning will be the optimal times for me to blog. Just talking to myself and typing so you all got that info as well, lol.


So many changes in DS1 and his GF travelled to DIsney World in September. Now DS has been there dozens of times, always with family, me in particular :) so this was his first trip without his mother. So what does a young man do in Disney without his mother....GET ENGAGED!!!! I am thrilled...his GF is a doll, has always been a true member of our family and we couldn't be more excited. There are plans in progress for a May 2011 wedding, some knitting will be involved, and lots of fun to be had by all.

We hosted an engagement party for the couple in November and it was a lovely time. The deck is done at last and at one point seemed to have a million people on it, lol.

DS2 is starting his last semester as a college junior, wow does time ever fly. He turned 20 in December, a fine young man. He was able to find a job after months of applications and searching and is seeming to enjoy being a tax payer. Sadly he was in an accident last month, in the truck, and it was totalled. He could have been so badly hurt but the air bag deployed and used great wisdom bringing the truck to a stop. Lots of aches and pains, but he is fine now. We all know we were very lucky. We now have another truck, a usable cab that will seat 5-6 adults and accomodates the anmals nicely. It has 4 wheel drive, which with this nasty last few weeks of snow has been a blessing. I like trucks. People are always surprised to hear it is my vehicle of choice. The new truck and an addition of a brand new snow blower makes all this whit stuff easier to deal with.

DH has been on a weight loss program and is doing so wonderfully. It is nice to have his company walking the dogs and there is even talk of possible skiing this year. Not the optimal choice with my knee still needing surgery, but I am of the mindset that I know it needs fixing so until I have it fixed it is not going to impair my life. My skis will need tuning and all the gear will need to be located in the great barn of things, but I told DH if we spend the month of January at the gym getting back into good shape then sometime in February skiing is a lilkhood. I am actually quite excited about the possibility. It will need to be carefully planned with DS2 now working and the addition of a third puppy requiring sitting, lol.

Nickolas is coming Saturday, we need to drive a bit to pick him up from the transporter coming from Texas, but we are all so excited. DS2 will be in Florida for the week, so he will not get to meet him til next week, and DS1 is coming home to sit the other animals. We have had a surrogate Nickolas, a stuffed black lab which was gifted to me by DH, in the crate and the animals have taken turns sitting and keeping watch over him. It will be an intersting experience having them all meet for sure. I think we will have hit our max for animals for a bit, though. But we sure do enjoy the ones we have.

I must have 50 is sad, I go full force and then get distracted by some new more interesting project and there are emoty needles about so....I am committed to finishing ten of the unloved this year. If more become FO so much the better, but right now 10 would be admirable.

I am currently working on a Dale being knit in honor of the Winter Olympics. has spearheaded a Knit a Norwegian. Four years ago this group knit Dales in honor of the winter Olympics, my Foxie, 90% done has been located in the GBOT,(great barn of things) and stands an excellent chance of being completed as well. I am working on Lake">>Lake Louise 2001 in Dale Falk in grey, aubergine and cyclamen. The aubergine is from my stash which is also a plan for 2010, new COs must use some stash yarn, not all but at least some. I will post weekly updates here and am hoping for completion before the ending ceremonies.

There is much crocheting going on with so many new babies due in 2010, I personally know of many little things are in the works as well. I will post finished pics only.

I have begun my venture into becoming a vegetarina, not a vegan, but a vegetarian. I have purchased some wonderful cookbooks and think this is doable. I am giving myself the month of January to ease into it but the first three days have gone well...updates on that as well.

So there you have it for this week anyways. Happy New Year to us's hoping for health and happiness for all.

Have a great week, Mom.

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WOW! I scrolled down and what a gorgeous collection of PETS! and Wollmeise. Great photos...