Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

So today is my Mother's birthday, we will not mention how many although I believe she would not mind. My Mother and I share a birth month, love of sparkly things, handcraftiness, interior design and Victoriana, among other things. I was the first girl after two sons and my room was appropriately girly. Apparantly I spent most of my young life in frilly dresses,LOL. I am sure this is where my love of purple stems from. So today Happy Birthday, Mom and thanks for your part in making me who I am.
I will depart from knitting a bit more to say Happy Birthday also to my SIL,Linda(also today) my sister,Dorene(tomorrow) and my newest SIL, Kim ( a bit later in the month). Hmmm...there may be one BIL in there as well somewhere. Happy February birthday to us all. May they be filled with sparkly amethysts.
OK tomorrow this will return to a knitting update, lol.


Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday Mom!

Abundant sparkles to all!

bev said...

Happy Birthday to all the February babies/adults!