Monday, January 26, 2009

Surprise Readers

Well, it is bitter cold here and I never thought I would say it but I am ready for the warm, not hot, maybe 40's. When your thermostats seldom sees 62 40 is quite warm, lol. It is hard on the dogs and as I walk them at the same time, which is interesting enough, but on the ice this 150 pounds of dogs pull me like I am riding the Iditerod(?sp) They have to investigate every puddle and have saved me from an attcking snowdrift(Oliver was quite suspicious of it so climbed it and beat it down until it succumbed and I could safely pass) and the attack of a patio table unmbrella(Phineas barked and barked and as we walked and it disappeared from our view he was quite confident he had scared it away). Snowmen are a group of marauders we have not yet ended the war with.

So I would like at least the ice to go away.

OK, back to the title....I was perusing my email and had a lovely email from my DM(Dear Mother) who had read my blog!! I didn't know that so let me extend a cordial and hearty Hello to my Mom. Mom met my Dad when they were quite young, I would like to say she was 14 or 15 and Dad 4 years the elder. A strikingly handsome couple they courted, wed and raised a family of 11 children. If I do say so myself we haven't turned out half bad :) It is an amazing thing to stay home and run a household and raise children and be the supporter of your husband's endeavors. Dad was a carpenter, cabinet maker, entrepenauer and firefighter eventually retireing as a Fire Chief. He was a good hard working Irish Catholic who loved his wife, his children and God before all else. Yes I say was....we lost Dad 4 years ago in January. He passed as he lived, surrounded by his bride, all his children, many spouses and grandchildren. I regret he did not see DS1 graduate from undergrad or grad school, or DS2 from high school. In honor of his Pa, DS2 had a firefighter emblem placed on his high school ring and has a fire fighter decal on his truck and his laptop. I would also like that he could know DS1 does not work Saturdays. When DS1 was very young my parents were caring for him and seeing as both boys are brilliant and spontaneous readers before 2 years of age, you could have adult conversations with them quite early on. They both were reading high school and college level way before elementary school. SO on one day when DF and DS1 were having a discussion about finances and what DS1 would do in his future he replied he had no idea but he knew he would not work on Saturday. Dad always found that quite inciteful and quite humorous.
Dad and DS2 at Christmas in a very typical bear hug.
Dad, DS1 and Mom on the night of one of DS1's semi formals

DS1,DS2,Mom and Dad at the Crayola Factory in ?PA.

So this will be the first of all the future blog entries where I say hello to my Mom.


Lorraine said...

Cheryl- What wonderful memories you have of your father.

It is freezing here too.

bev said...

What a great post. The love you have for your parents is evident as you write. Hello Cheryl's mom! She has beautiful hair!!!