Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another New England Winter

I will add pics to the next entry which should be today, Monday ,Jan 19

It seems to be, that the snow storms of the past few years have coincided with my work schedule, always. Snowed Saturday(worked) will snow Thursday(workday). I am not sure why this phenomenon exists, but it is getting frustrating. I don't get the opportunity to sit and watch the snow fall or listen to the gentle sounds of the snow falling, but I do get to travel for more than an hour on the bad roads, then work(caring for those who have been injured due to the storm) and then travel in the aftermath home where what awaits is dirty snow. I am fortunate in that DS1,DS2 and DS1GF generally have shovelled the usable part of the driveway and have cleared the walkway, but I didn't get to make the initial foot prints in the snow and there is a certain smugness in being the very first one to leave your mark. It is a competition now, having two dogs and them needing to leave their mark rather than merely wanting to, but they generally head out back. I heard tell of a woman, family friend, who forbade anyone to walk across her front yard once it snowed, to preserve that pristine covering for a while. I am beginning to think it isn't such a bad thought. I am a New Englander, born during a blizzard. I LIKE the snow, mess and all. I am not angry with the snow gods for dropping ten inches on me nor do I moan out loud that there will be more coming. This is New England FPS....

Work continues on getting the stash recorded on Ravelry. It seems as though most of it is one place, which makes this a bit easier. I need to bite the bullet and devote one day to it and finish it up. Record what will be kept, box up what will be donated. I am hoping to use more of what I have this than purchase new. It is an amazing thing, the knitter and yarn, we need to possess it, the more the better. I am surprised at what I have as I go through it, some of it is like an old friend who I recall but not what they do, some of it I would swear never having seen before. I am hoping over the winter at least to finish some of the WIPs that have lingered and seriously consider frogging those that have lingered into a life support state. I have my first FO of the new year. The Big Ivy Scarf in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It seems I want to make it longer, I have already added one full lace section more than the pattern calls for. According to my entry into Ravelry about the scarf, I should two more skeins of the main color and then could increase the length even more. But, instead, I chose to finish it out at it's current state/ I like it a lot, and would hope to male another in the future. It is a quick knit if you can practice project monogamy.

The next WIP that will receive attention is the secret Christmas knitting/ I am making a design by Bev, a frequently typed name in this blog. It is a lovely Aran sweater called, I had planned to give it to DH for Christmas and was on track for finishing it, but we agreed to knot exchange gifts this year and it sat quietly while I tended to house renovations. Now it is demanding some time, so time it will get. DH is a large man so Bev and I have been adjusting the pattern accordingly as I go along. I am using Cascade in a Celtic Green color. I showed DH the sweater in its current state and he seemed to like it/ I have finished the gussets and have divided for the front and back. I will knit on this for a bit and then add in another project.

The puppies are somewhat sad this week. DS2 is in FLA for a vacation with his father. The puppies are looking for him everywhere. They can be soothed by DS1 and GF for a bit but then they work and the poor puppies are left with me. DS2 will be back Saturday morning so it will be a long week for those not in Florida.

As I am on a self imposed no yarn purchases for me(DH thinks that should not extend to Wollmeise) for 6 months or so, I was wondering what I might like for my birthday next month. I have emailed the family and suggested a wooly board. They have fascinated me for some time, especially when I see the lovely sweaters of Marina displayed on one. I asked, if it were purchased, that it be the only gift, as I don't really need anything, but I was told that was emotional blackmail and my family should not be dissuaded from bestowing me with gifts to celebrate me. Who knew?? heehee

So I will post this, work on the stash, take puppies to vet for weighing an heart pill procurement, perhaps a walk, food shop, put away Christmas decorations and knit.

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Lorraine said...

Cheryl- I love the snow too, when it can be enjoyed.

Just remember, if you feel no need for your Cider Moon anymore, I'll be happy to give it a nice home.