Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Soon

I didn't add all the pics to the previous post so thought why not just do another? It has been a whirlwind week as usual. The Loopy Ewe had three Wollmeise updates this week. I managed to get one skein and missed the other two updates by minutes. Poor Sheri had her hands full with this round of updates. The yarn is gorgeous, deep, dark, intense,much like Claudia herself :) and I love it. I have been lucky enough to score some from Claudia's shop updates and not so lucky with LE's. BUT, I am always so happy for both ladies that they have continued success. I did managed a spot in the lottery and am in the FIRST EVER WOLLMEISE SOCK CLUB!!!!! Yes indeedy!! That just makes me smile!! A lot!! SO while there are a few colors I still want, I am sure within the next 6 months I will have them. Some folks get so intense about it all though. Some people are very lucky and score as many as 14 skeins at one time, others have 2 and put one back so others might have a chance. It is an interesting phenomenon. It is just yarn. Those that are lucky get such terrible acknowledgement from a few that get little or none and then the whole update process goes into critiquing. It is just yarn. OK enough said. I still say it was my good fortune to meet both of these wonderfully classy, kind ladies at the Spring Fling in April and feel badly that there kindness brings out such hostility in some.

DS2 returns to classes next week and I will miss him. DS1 is gone everyday for work,I am still not used to the amount of time I do not see him, even as I write this he has been out since 7am and it is nearing midnight. He is all grown up, sigh, and DS2 is in his 2nd year at college. He has opted to live at home since we are now so close to campus, yet the puppies and I will feel his absence. I laugh because earlier he just stepped out to his truck for 30 seconds and they greet him at the door as though he has been gone a week. The puppies are entertaining and steal much of my time. Oliver's eyes are better and he is 8 months old tomorrow, Phineas, who has been here for three weeks(came to us under 20 pounds)is now 32. Checking back Oliver was 32 at 4 months and Phineas still has a week til his 4 month birthday. That boy is definitely going to be a big guy, not as big as Oliver but the lab in him is showing.

We had a Thanksgiving dinner last night. I was feeling thankful and we are always so busy at Thanksgiving as I work it. We grilled the turkey and I made 4 extra turkey tenderloins because for some reason I did not believe a 12 pound turkey was enough.(Iam one of 11 children and just could never learn to cook small). I made a blueberry pie and an apple pie. DS1GF brought vanilla ice cream from the dairy where she works. There was sweet potato, mashed potato, rolls, green beans, corn and stuffing. All in all a very nice meal.
Nicer still, I enacted a rule a while back that those who cook do not have to clean, so off I went as the kitchen was tidied and the pies warmed for dessert during America's Got Talent. Very nice. We don't really have time together unless on vacation so it was very cozy.

Missing pics from last week:
2nd Anniversary Kit from the Loopy Ewe
Wollmeise added to stash recently Baby sweater and booties needing blocking and buttons. I did get buttons but I think they are too rough for a baby sweater.
Yarn being used for secret test knitting, a pattern I am enjoying a lot and will be glad to show when allowed as it it purty. AND I am doing two socks on two circs again!!

I have a hectic work schedule through Monday and then it is fall. I love fall, we got married in the fall. November will be 7 years. Somewhere I have pics stored and will find them and add one, if not now surely for the anniversary. I love the fall, We had leaves on our cake and on my gown. I made my gown and hand beaded the many many leaves on it. DH beaded one and asked that it be the one appliqued right over my heart. awwww.....I also made his kilt hose, I think they were my second pair of socks ever and he is a big guy.

So that is it for now. Happy Labor Day, be safe, hug your family.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Sands of Time

I will add pics over the weekend.

I wish I could make the sands stop flowing through the hourglass so quickly. I thought I was busy last summer with working so much and travelling, but this summer...gee...

I have no time for knitting it seems. I spend most of my time watching the pups, yes, watching. It is an amazing dynamic and I am so intrigued by it. Poor Oliver (the magnificent lab) has conjunctivitis. I have dealt with eye issues for 24 years as the boys have had oh so many surgeries and bouts of conjunctivitis. I know all about the ointment and application. But, this is a dog, an animal with impressive shark like teeth folks! I love him dearly and will do what needs to be done. Well, Oliver, magnificent dog he is, has made this all so easy. When the tube of medicine appears, he paces a little then plops down beside me. He has tucked his head under my arm and laid his head in my lap with the eye facing up trying so hard to stay open. I put the ointment in, he paces and reappears to plop on the other side. I am not kidding!!! I don't think this is usual behavior for a dog but this is what my sweet boy does. And then he kisses me when it is over as though I were the one going through it all!! I have spent quite a bit of time crying after this procedure as I am at a loss how to let him know what a wonderful pup he is. The poor sad brown eye staring up at me trying to stay open on its own is so heart wrenching. He is Oliver, wonder dog. He stole my heart when we met and made me (who was afraid of all dogs)want to have more. It is because of Oliver we have Phineas in our family now. I have become a dog person through and through. I hope he knows he is loved and held in awe. In my heart I believe he does and this is why he makes things so easy. He trusts us and knows we would never hurt him. I am amazed......

DS2 wanted this very large vinyl ball for the pups to play with, we had it 2.5 weeks and then (of course 2.5 weeks minus 15 minutes it was in the car)

Phineas, silly Phineas, was 10 pounds the end of July, he is now 28 pounds!! He has already had to have his collar loosened and crate made larger. He has finally realized we are keeping him, he is not going to another house. He is our pup, Oliver's little brother.

They are still having daily who is the boss playing but they are playing. Phineas leaves Oliver alone after the medicine goes in and whimpers a bit for him. Phineas has gained enough height that Oliver cannot just walk over him and hold him in his leg cage. Right now we believe Phinny to be 14 weeks, Ollie is 30 weeks, they will be teens together and I hope good friends. They already seem to more at ease with one another. Phineas is such a loving little fellow I am always saddened to think he and his brothers were going to be put down. I never understood child abuse and now cannot understand puppy mills and animal abuse. These poor little individuals never asked to be born....but once they are they should be loved and protected.

I am pretty sure that my next career will involve taking care of animals. I blame Oliver :)

I lucked out and have hit a few of the Wollmeise's updates on her website. I adore the way Claudia packages things. I adore the colors and the names and just everything about her and the yarn. I met Claudia at the Spring Fling, a delight I hope to experience again one day. She is so humble and in wonderment as to the overwhelming popularity of her yarn. It just keeps getting more so, I do not know how she manages to keep up with the demand.

I did get the 2nd Anniversary Sock Kit from the Loopy Ewe. WOW! talk about a success story. Sheri is expanding her store to accommodate the ever increasing inventory she carries. The big addition will be Cascade, yippee!!! I have a few Noni patterns waiting to be knit up but I will wait til Sheri stocks the Cascade 220. I have been trying to be good and not purchase too much yarn as my stash is so very large I forget all the beautiful yarn is right there. Hopefully in a few weeks DH and I can get into the office and clear and straighten so I can finish logging stash on Ravelry and starting knitting some of it up.

I am finally done with the baby sweater I started beginning of summer. The yarn is very nice but split terribly if not constantly watched so that took some of the fun away from it.

I didn't have it in me to make the hat so I made these instead...two socks on two circs, eh?
My lace knitting for the Revolmpics should be done in time if I can just remember where I put it!
I am going to be doing some test knitting for a very nice lady I met at the Spring Fling. We attended a class given by Cookie A which challenged us to design our own patterns. Well Susan took the challenge to heart and has come up with some beauties. That is all I can at this time as test knitters are sworn to secrecy. I hope you will all keep your eyes peeled for the release of her patterns.

No travelling this year for sure. Trying to decide where we will go but have narrowed it down to a few places within driving distance so we can bring the dogs.

I am actually at work at my second job and have OT at my real job this week so perhaps I do not have as much knitting time as I think.

I have watched the Olympics when I can and must say as the mother of two young men I was tickled to see Michael Phelps win the gold medals. His mother always looked so proud and he always acknowledged her presence. I read several places when asked how he felt immediately after winning the 8th he said in essence, it was surreal and all he really wanted to do was see his Mom. That is a good son.

I, am also the mother of good sons. I do not believe they will ever know how proud of them I am. They have amazed me from the day they were born. They were spontaneous readers before they were 2 years old and could outread me shortly thereafter. They have morals and standards and kind hearts. They are giving and helpful and respectful. DS1 has an amazing GF who we already consider a DD and I am sure DS2 will soon find his mate in this life. They are my finest accomplishment in my life and I feel I have done little to shape them.

OK, I am done. I think...

Have you seen the fall Vogue Knitting?

Jared of Brooklyntweed has a pair of mittens on the cover!!! They are gorgeous and I am so thrilled for him! His is a blog I read weekly and enjoy the passion he displays for knitting. Congrats Jared!! There are actually quite a few lovely mitten patterns in this edition which times perfectly with the No More Humdrum Mitten Swap 3. I enjoy this swap. Deb does a terrific job with it. I feel like knitting mittens again, LOL.

We are hoping to paint the house this fall, DH and I. Yes a bit of work I know, but doing it ourselves will save a bit of money. I will be starting work on the living room next week, starting with painting the tin ceiling and then the woodwork, then at last the wallpaper. I will give myself til the end of September to complete this and then hopefully the master bedroom before Christmas. I am anxious for the fall so I can rip out what foliage and plant life I know I don't want to reappear next year. Starting with the lilac grove,
I didn't mind the flowers, though they were short lived, but all the stuff that came after and the animals it attracted. Here is a funny thing. We have a fire ring in the yard and look what came sprouting up recently. Squash! I haven't seen any squash just the flowers which is too bad as I do like squash :)

A few months back we cut the wisteria down to a stick with a leaf, not the both plants are holding hands and trying to keep us out of the yard, they have wound themselves around the gate, yes they too will se some major pruning!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

If Only Sleeping Dogs WOULD Lie

There was an initial meeting of I am the big dog and an agreement yes you are. A tiff over establishing Oliver's food space was not an open buffet. But after much running and sniffing and frolicking I give you(please ignore the woodwork as this is the next room to be redone)

Friday, August 01, 2008


No not that kind... :)

We are off, DH and I, on our way to our annual charity bike weekend. This is my 9th year and his 13th. The Pan Mass Challenge . It is very intense weekend with several bike rides accomodating 5500 riders. DH is mechanical and I medical in our road crew van. I rode one of the days two years ago. The two day ride is nearly 200 miles. The largest sport charity weekend event in the world. I believe this year's goal is 34 million. We usually surpass the goal.

Updates Monday but I had to show off these guys.

Here is Oliver, just a week past his 7th month birthday, so gloriously handsome and a wonderful dog.

And our newest love, Phineas. We will finalize his adoption Monday. He is believed to be about 3 months old . Aussie shepard/lab mix. He was rescued with his 10 brothers from a kill shelter in another state. He looks like a little Oliver in a costume. He is said to have a wonderful personality and we are all looking forward to adding him to the gang. He is currently much smaller than Oliver when we picked him up at 10 weeks old.

One year ago I did not own a home let alone a farm, LOL, had no use for animals though the boys had been promised A dog when did get a house, and would no more have let an animal with such sharp teeth near my face. I blame the eclipses.....

Have a safe wonderful weekend. Monday night, knitting updates, weekend updates, and many puppy pics, oh house updates also....