Friday, August 01, 2008


No not that kind... :)

We are off, DH and I, on our way to our annual charity bike weekend. This is my 9th year and his 13th. The Pan Mass Challenge . It is very intense weekend with several bike rides accomodating 5500 riders. DH is mechanical and I medical in our road crew van. I rode one of the days two years ago. The two day ride is nearly 200 miles. The largest sport charity weekend event in the world. I believe this year's goal is 34 million. We usually surpass the goal.

Updates Monday but I had to show off these guys.

Here is Oliver, just a week past his 7th month birthday, so gloriously handsome and a wonderful dog.

And our newest love, Phineas. We will finalize his adoption Monday. He is believed to be about 3 months old . Aussie shepard/lab mix. He was rescued with his 10 brothers from a kill shelter in another state. He looks like a little Oliver in a costume. He is said to have a wonderful personality and we are all looking forward to adding him to the gang. He is currently much smaller than Oliver when we picked him up at 10 weeks old.

One year ago I did not own a home let alone a farm, LOL, had no use for animals though the boys had been promised A dog when did get a house, and would no more have let an animal with such sharp teeth near my face. I blame the eclipses.....

Have a safe wonderful weekend. Monday night, knitting updates, weekend updates, and many puppy pics, oh house updates also....

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Lorraine said...

Cheryl- Good luck on the bike thing- Oliver is such a lovely boy- just like my Jasper.

If you have one dog- you might as well have 2...or 3.