Wednesday, March 02, 2016

I Need This

It has been some time and I am back.  I need to get back to organized days and time for me.  So much going on always.

I do not know where to start....I will post as though this is my first post.

Hi, I am Knittingknut. I have been knitting, crafting for longer than I have not.  The only thing I have done longer is crochet which I have suddenly gone mad for again.  I have far too many WIPS and an outlandish amount of yarn.  But all is good.

Hmmm, let me take the time to brag about my family.  My DS1 and his lovely wife of almost 5 years (wow) blessed us with a grandson October 5.  He is the delight of my life.  People make so many odd comments when something as momentous as this takes place.  Comments that upset me and I don't understand why they feel this way or why they think I should feel this way.  Just a few,"Grandchildren are better than your own children" ???????I have always considered it a privileged to have my sons.  They are my greatest contribution to this world. "You love your grandchildren more than children"I wonder want scientific research this is based on? "You can spoil them and do whatever you want.  You are the grandmother"  WOW, really?  This little boy has parents who make the decisions for him until he reaches an age he can make his own decisions.  Seriously people?  OK,that's enough.  I am further blessed by having the opportunity to take care of him 1 day a week.  We are already forming a bond I treasure and will forever.

DS2 also married a delightful young lady almost three years ago.  They have grown so much as a couple and as people.  We are very very blessed and so proud of both couples life choices.

DH and I are almost empty nesters.  We do still have three dogs and three cats.  They are getting on in years and have some medical issues.  They bring so much joy to my life.  I never had animals before them.

I have finished all the required classes for WEBS Expert Knitter Program and am working on my Capstone project which will be unveiled at graduation in June. I wish I were a bit further longer but life gets in the way so often.

OK, that's a start.  I will add pictures tonight or tomorrow.  I have missed it here.  Right now I am off to slice vegetables for a Tian.

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