Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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So we have to replace the fence around the yard perimeter..there is a lot and we are getting started with the side front that Irene blew down. Even that is quite a bit and I had hopes it would be done before the winter. It SHOULD be, but we shall see. Anyways, they old fence is quite crooked as you can tell from new posts we have placed which are perfectly plumb...

There will be a ten foot wide gate for entry into the backyard for vehicles and the tractor.
While DH was digging I was leaf peeping into my own yard.

DS2 and GF carved these lovely pumpkins. Unfortunately they have already rotten and were tossed. I want to get the fake pumpkins so they can carve them again and keep them...the one on the left is from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the one on the right took me a few looks to figure out but it is Tigger I first though a witch on her broom flying in front of the moon.
I was scheduled to take a class at WEBS, I am persuing my knitting certification and this would have been an elective class, Double Knitting. Something I am interested in and signed up right away for. There were not enough people signed up so a few days before they called to say it was cancelled. I had placed a yarn order to be picked up when I attended the class so once they called I called DH and within 15 minutes were on the way to Northampton. I tried to get some pictures of the foliage but had only my phone.

Just so you know I was really there, lol

DH was quite intrigued by this yarn, at 66 dollars a skein for little yardage I cannot imagine the need. I had actually considered this when making DDIL shrug for wedding but opted for something else. Glad I did as she did not wear it...the color did not work..white..
These are the most wonderful needles ever. I just got the one circular and then a circular that is not square. I need, truly need more. It is marvelous and beautiful to look at
It came with this warning on the back of the package.....

"The contents of this pack(needle or any other item) have to be used carefully and for needlework only. These should be used with all due care as these may cause injury if used improperly by and untrained/unfamiliar person. Always restrain children's access to these tools and store these securely" I am so very glad I am a trained professional...

The back room is where the bargains are for the most part. It is where they gather your yarn to fill orders as much of that was going on. there are 6-8 aisles like this
The front room is much newer in appearance, lots of yarn, lots of books, buttons, needles
DH did buy me this beauty as it reminded him of the foliage on the way out.

This is an ID badge holder made from the caps of medicine bottles. We were collecting them for a nurse and this is what she made. I didn't get one, but I thought it was pretty clever.

The cowl mentioned in the last post. GYRE, I am making at least three to be gifted

This TAKOMA sweater is in the latest KNITTY...I love this style sweater. I am making it from Ecological Wool, most I had in my stash ,however it is not for me.

Last year a coworker asked if I would make a similar hat. I was very busy with the wedding and this year, of course, one showed up on Ravelry and I will having him pick yarn from my stash

This is also a KNITPICKS pattern that was the yarn order from WEBS.. So that is it for now. Be back in a few days with knitting updates. I have a few stealth things OTN...cannot post them til they are no longer stealth.

Hi Mom...

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