Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Think I am Doing This Correctly

OK so Lorraine,the Sheriff of Knittingham , has nominated me and several others for an award. I am quoting directly from her blog and hope she doesn't mind.

The rules are 1: Post the award on your blog.
2: Add a link to the person who award you.
3: Nominate at least 4 others.
4: Leave a comment on their blog so they can pass it on."

I must tell you it is an honer to be listed among the knitters she has nominated. I have collected Lorraine's patterns, which are amazingly beautiful and have plans to make them all. Please do stop by and see her glorious artistry.
Lorraine and those mentioned in her list have inspired me in so many ways. I was a lover of traditional fair isle knitting before but they inspire me to seek out more challenges. I have so many projects lined up thanks to seeing their finished objects. So, without further delay my nominees are...

Rebecca of Socks for Mum . Dear sweet Rebecca hosts sock swaps and knits some lovely things.With each entry her knitted items become more and more beautiful. I adore the love that comes through her blog for not only her craft but for her family and friends. Rebecca shares her travels, all which are awesome and make you want to travel.
Sheri of the the Loopy Ewe . I tried to think of a way to not put her name here but alas(ETA-Sheri is very busy and I am concerned she may now be slammed with memes and tags,etc.,but she truly belongs here) Sheri is a very busy lady running the Loopy Ewe but her blog is a must read. Sheri started her business in a small corner of her basement, moved to a store outside the house and now has expanded. I don't think it will be room enough still. Sheri shares her knitting and her family on the blog. She takes great pride in both and garners such pleasure you can't help but smile. I was lucky enough to meet Sheri and her family and her friend Janice at the Spring Fling and saw the interaction there. It was a good thing to see.....
Adrienne who I also met at the Spring Fling. Annie is a lovely lady. She turned me on to spinning, which I have yet to try but with good reason. Watching Annie spin was such an almost religious experience I am afraid I could never replicate it. Watching her, sitting, barefoot with the wheel so silently turning and the look of sheer peace on her face, it was a joy to watch. She has a lovely blog where she shares her knitting and spinning experiences. In her latest blog entry I have learned she plays the cool!
Monica of rubysnpurls. Lovely Monica was my swap partner a long time ago. She put such caring into the bag she knitted and needle rolls she sewed for me. She also makes the most beautiful stitch markers. SHe has such a strong faith, it shines through in her blog entries. It is a lovely blog to read.

There are so many more ladies,blogless Hariamrit and blogless Michelle, Claudia, Janice, blogless Kristi, blogless Susan,(two more SF ladies) All these women inspire me and cause me to stand back and take notice of their lives and their knitting.

Thanks Lorraine.


rubysnpurls said...

Aw shucks! *:)* You are so sweet to nominate me!! I really appreciate it and the encouragement was given at the perfect time too!

I saw your update post the other day and wanted to comment, but just didn't have the time. Everything looks great and I can't wait to see the house colors.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Cheryl - you are so sweet. Thank you so much for nominating me! It's truly a surprise and an honor.

And I am so glad you were at the Spring Fling. I loved meeting you in person and being able to put a face with your name. Of course we want you to come back again next spring. :-)

Rebecca said... sweet you are! I'm honored to be your friend :-)

I will in turn pass the award on.

Kristi said...

Hi Cheryl, Thank you for mentioning me. I love reading your blog. I'm so happy to have met you at the SF. I'm hoping to be chosen to go to the Loopy SF again and see you and all the fun ladies we met there. Maybe I'll have to start a blog. :)