Monday, December 10, 2007

I joined on to a Top 10 Stashbuster KAL(Dec-Mar) to get rid of some of the WIPs...SOME, not all, NO NO NO, SOME is better than NONE but not as good as ALL.
1. mermaid

2. Foxie Dale sweater
3. Socks for DH-own design
4. Mystery Monkey Socks
5. Karen's Gloves
6. Jaywalker socks
7. Branching Out Scarf DONE 12/7/7
8. Christmas Stocking for DS
9. Cable sweater
10. Multidirectional scarf
Oh there are many more but this would put a significant dent into the pile

BUT I have already finished one of the WIPs. The Branching Out Scarf for the Christmas Swap. I really liked this pattern and if I have the time plan on two more for Christmas, that's right TWO more..heehee. I used Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and have actually blocked it, WOW. I must admit this may be only the second time I have blocked something other than steaming it. I actually soaked and squeezed and rolled and pinned. I am now at work and will check it in the morning. I may measure it as well...egads! before you know I will be swatching!!!!!
I have LOST my Mermaid booklet, I know it is in the house, or van or Beetle or work or.....I have not knit on the poor thing at all as I don't know what is next. I am off Tuesday and Wednesday and WILL find it.
I LOVE the Vog On in Koigu I sent off to my Harvest sock swap Pal...I hope she does as well. .

One week(barring catastrophies)and we will close on our new home. Our very first house purchase. 108 year old farmhouse, 3 story barn, 1+acres. Merry Christmas to us!!!


    sunneshine said...

    oh my, such gorgeous WIP's! The foxy sweater is looking so wonderful!!

    Congrats on the house!! It sounds wonderful!

    mymiddlenameispatience said...

    Congratulations on the house!

    Maybe your instruction booklet is with my Mermaid yarn? I still can't find it.

    It's soooo nice to see someone else's WIP's. I might have to document mine in Jan. Foxie is in there?

    NeedleDancer said...

    I know you HAVE (and thus have legitimately paid for) the booklet...
    so perhaps it wouldn't violate copyright if I made a copy of mine and sent it to you???