Saturday, September 08, 2012

11 months flew by!!!

Almost a year!!!  WOW!!!!  SO much to tell.....I have a new work schedule now so will be trying to update weekly.  Not sure if I haveany readers left out there but you never know.

Brief overview:
 Family, DS1 and his lovely DW have been married for 15+ months and continue to be an amzingly adorable couple.
  DS2 and his DF are on the countdown of 9 months til their wedding which promises to be as much fun as the wedding of 15 months ago.

No new animals,...

Lots of work on house will add pictures this week.

Lots of sewing , moderate knitting.

On the health road and exercising again with some regularity due to new work schedule.

For now, til Wednesday that is it. 

I hope I will still have a few readers.

Missed you all and have been reading your blogs with semiregular consistency.