Monday, March 31, 2008

On my Way To Work but.....

OK, is this the saddest face ever? WE had a bath today...his nails need trimming, so tomorrow he has an appointment for trimming and another bath,massage,brushing,etc....I think I should get the massage!!
He is so darn cute I can't stand it...ooppsss he is whining, maybe a run outside before I leave for work...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Brief Interlude

OK, whilst I get my knitting updates in order I will give a puppy update. We have owned the monster for 12 days and he has gained nearly 6 pounds!! He is adorable, good, loving, a quick learner and here to stay.

Also, thanks for you kind comments about the return of my DN from Iraq. He is spending much deserved time with his DF,DM and DB. I am hoping he will come visit the new house soon.
I have ordered the dining room wallpaper so will be updating within the next few weeks, then on to the bedroom, then living room. then to build the deck...woot!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

He Is Home

Happy Easter!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Monkey Sock Swap 4 Questionnaire

The Measurements:
Shoe size: 6.5-7.5
Foot length in inches: 9 inches
Circumference: 9.25

Yarn Preferences
What are your favorite colors? Jewel tones
What color clashes with your wardrobe? Nothing
Do you prefer solids or variegated yarns? Either
What are your favorite brand sock yarns? Dream in Color Smooshy, Cherry Tree Hill, Cider Moon, Cosmic Fibers, Duet
Is there a new sock yarn you really would like to try? Farmhouse, Posh

Cookie A. Patterns
List the patterns you do not have but would like to receive: Rhiannon

Do you have any allergies that your pal needs to know about? (animals, fiber, sensitivity to smoke etc.) No
Will you knitting be exposed to animals? 1 dog
Will you knitting be exposed to cigarette smoke? No

What country do you live in? US
Are you willing to ship outside your country? Yes

Thursday, March 20, 2008

PRGE Contest

With a little help from my partner...I give you
Green Day-Espionage
A sleuthy Felted Hat

  • NOFX -She's Nubs

  • Creepy adaptation ofZombie Doll with a modification of bloody stumps

    Perhaps even knit from Blackberry Ridge Nubby Rag Yarn

  • Weezer -Hold Me
  • First suggestion for the man in your life Man's Thong

  • And not to neglect the ladies Corset pattern from WHite Lie Designs

  • Definitely a joint effort.

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Mittens, Spring Fling, Puppy and Life

    OK, I am so out of whack, we have been tending to Oliver in shifts almost. We brought him home Saturday. He was the perfect gentlepup on the ride. He had been shaking and DS2 calmed him down and covered him up. When we arrived home and took him out of the car, he promptly jumped back in...oh dear. He was wonderful until around midnight and started with a cough(I thought for attention so sent DS to my room to sleep) but it got worse and he started vomiting. We took him to the vet earlier than planned and he has a touch of kennel cough. After a day of antibitotics and cough suppressant he is an amazingly adorable pup. Minimal accidents, he has staked claim to his crate and lets us know in plenty of time when he needs to go outside. He is a puppy and a little nippy but seems to be willing to be trained and directed.

    He was monster puppy compared to the other 7 pounders and he clomps in at 20, he is now 22+, lordy what have I got myself into?
    I received a Mitten package from No More Humdrum Mittens Round 1. AN Angel named Krista sent some exquisite Aranish mittens, Happy Feet Yarn, a neat pattern, Soak and some other items. My partner flaked out, although she claims to have knit the mittens and was preparing to send them. Anywho, having been the angel in a few other swaps I truly appreciate the time and kindness of Krista.

    GoatLady(Harmiarit ?sp), my pal in the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling Swap sent a delightful package with a magnificent project bag, Chibi, Chocolates, notepads, bunny, balm(smells good enough to eat),Addis in the shorter size for my glove knitting(yea!!)...there may be one or two more items but I am doing this from memory, LOL. GL is a wonderfully kind lady who has a lot of animals and is a dog trainer, lucky me. She has already been so kind in answering my questions and offering advice. The SF is 5 weeks away and I feel I will be going to meet a new friend.
    I am making another pair of Tiffany mittens for the Latvian KAL ....I loved the first ones I made and passed along so was pleased to make another pair. The yarn is from my stash, too. Next we will make the Sea Mineral Mittens and have think I have stash yarn I want to use for them.

    The new LE Sock Club sock caught my eye right away and I have CO for that. I adore CTH yarn and that was the yarn sent with the wonderful pattern. I finally wound a ball of the DIC for my Rogue for the DIC Kal on the LE thread as well. Sheri is an amazing woman and keeps us busy all the while finding grand yarns for our perusal and purchase. I can't wait for the trip to Loopy Central as part of the SF.
    I have spied Foxie so will be returning to finish him up, a little each day, Maybe when he is done, Mermaid will see it is not a painful thing to be complete and will show herself.
    I sent theDaina mittens out to my pal for the No More Humdrums Part 2. This was also an easy to do pattern with row changes very easy to memorize. It is another pattern I will make again.

    I hope all are well, looking forward to spring and get all the yarn you desire.

    Oh, LE had offered Wollmeise for about 7 minutes last week. I missed it again, I managed a skein months ago, but the repercussion poor Sheri gets because it sells so quickly is mind boggling. It is yarn, lovely yarn, but yarn. It won't bring world peace or feed the hungry. it is yarn. Sheri does her very best to always provide the best in customer care and it amazes me that people can get so bent out of shape over not getting a yarn. OK, down from the box now.

    Monday, March 17, 2008

    He Will Be Home Soon

    My DN is coming home from his second tour in Iraq very soon. It doesn't need to be said how proud we are of him and how frightened we have all been for him. My DB, his father, asked that we email him with greetings of welcome to present upon his return. I was trying to think of what I wanted to say and finally came up with this. This is for my nephew, a Marine.
    I have wondered oft ,
    During the course of my life
    About people and war
    About living through strife
    About the people who help
    Be they real or pretend
    I wondered what I would say
    To the Green Hornet or to Superman
    How fast can you fly,
    How far can you throw
    When someone is in need of help
    Just how do you know.
    What time do you wake,
    How much do you sleep
    Just what kind of hours
    Does a Superhero keep.
    Does your cape ever need cleaning
    Do your gloves become torn
    When you run, it is so fast
    Do your shoes ever get worn.
    Is it difficult to carry
    The people you help out
    If I need you do I call
    Or do I just give a shout
    These things I have wandered
    For many a year
    What would I say to a superhero
    If he would sit and be near
    Then I stopped thinking so hard
    It was so clear to me
    What I would say to a superhero
    Is Welcome Home Gregory

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Belated Birthday Gifts to Me

    OK, I have lusted after this pattern for a few years now

    and decided since this was a BIG birthday year I would treat myself. There are 58 skeins of yarn involved here.
    The seller substituted for the no longer available Rowan's and I think did a wonderful job matching colors!! Isn't that just a glorious coat? I cannot wait to make it...I may have to allow myself to knit on it one day a week. I want to wear it now, of course when it is done it will be too heavy but there is always the fall....

    Also, why have you all been keeping this yarn a secret from me? I still had a credit in my Loopy Ewe account and wanted to pick up something secret and saw this.

    When did Trekking start doing this? Why have I been in the dark about it?Trekking Hand Art in Tundra and Feuerland
    AND also from LE some BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL Regia silk in natural...can't you just see an aran pattern worked up in that? I can, I won't do it but I can see it, LOL!!!

    OK, I am sure you noticing I am avoiding the inevitable. I have painted the last bit of woodwork around the door frames in the kitchen and built Oliver's crate. I have blogged twice and played with yarn, made the bed, put away dishes and now must run to the old place for another load of things, including clothing to wear to the wake. My DH's uncle was only 3 years older than me, he used to take care of my DH when he was a boy. I am 9 years older than DH. I think it hit him a little harder as his DU was so young. DH has been asked to be a pall bearer..he will now help carry the uncle who carried him. DH is a very big mush is very endearing so I believe if I analyze myself I would find I am grabbing a few moments of carefreeness before I must become quite serious. I must run, get DS2 as both boys will make an appearance at the wake. They are great guys, DH is their step father, though you will never ever hear the term used....they are concerned about him and will support him any way they can. Have a terrific day folks, I imagine at the end of the evening I will be looking for a distraction and will return here to you knuts.

    Another Promise Kept

    All during the young years of the boys' lives I was asked, as all mothers are, Can we get a dog? Now the boys went to private schools since the age of three, full time 5 day a week academic schools. Their preschools cost nearly as much as their high schools.(I had no choice they were smarter than me having started reading at a high school level before the age of three) So, not wanting to end up with a slew of loans we faithfully paid their tuitions and school costs which didn't leave much in the way of funding for a house. Generally we lived in apartments owed by family so our costs were pretty reasonable. OK fast forward to the whirlwind of activity a mere three months ago when things just fell into place for us buying our first home. DS1, 23, out in the work world for a year having received his Masters at the ripe old age of 22 and DS2 finishing his first year of college at barely 18. So they have a house they can make noise in and play drums in and run up and down the stairs endlessly if they so choose. So what came back to the forefront? Can we have a dog? Of course you can, then with a twinkle in the collective eyes of the men in my life, it was pointed out we have a house AND a barn AND almost 1.5 acres of land....OK OK I answer, we can TWO dogs.....DS1 wants a bull dog, how cute and DS2 a lab, a chocolate one at first then we perused the kennel site again and just ready for sale was this dear little guy.

    Now I called and we couldn't get out to the kennel for 9 days so had to wait two days before we could leave a deposit. Day one goes by and the female chocolate lab is gone, oh no! After completing a 12 hour shift at work I called the minute the kennel opened and was told the black pup was still there but they would call me back, they had customers....egads!!!! I couldn't wait , 45 minutes passed and I called and placed the deposit. It was meant to be, later that day the older chocolate male pup was also gone and all that remained was an older male yellow pup. So now, I have taken Saturday night off from work and we are going to get Oliver this Saturday. The kennel recommended waiting a few months until we get the bulldog, they always have pups.DS2 starts spring break Friday so it will be good timing. DH has had dogs, the boys and I have now I live on a farm, have a barn, and will soon have two pups. In the trees way back on our land live 20 white tailed deer, 30 wild turkeys and two hawks, I also saw a bunch of red blobs blowing about in the backyard yesterday which turned out to be more than a dozen robins!! Me, whose life long dream was to live on the 50th floor of a high rise in downtown Boston!! You just never know. Oliver(named by his new owner DS2 ) was born December 28, he is presently 10 weeks old and 14 pounds. OK the beans have ground and the coffee is brewing, I have a crate to build, some minor kitchen painting to finish and then must sadly prepare for a wake and a funeral.

    Friday, March 07, 2008

    Trying out a New Look

    Last time I tried this I lost a lot of things... I am going to give it a trial run...add things to the sidebar...see how it goes.....

    Thursday, March 06, 2008

    PRGE Questionnaire

    1. Why did you join PRGE?
    I have been in all the swaps since the beginning. My first one, I was a bit tentative as I thought I was too old. Sunne assured me age played no part in your punkness. I am glad she convinced me as it has always been my favorite swap.
    2. What are your five favorite things? (these don't have to be knit related)
    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...kidding
    Let's see...hearing my boys laugh, holding hands with my sweetie, snowstorms,thunderstorms, Canadian dimes
    3. What are your three favorite things that you have made with knitting/crochet?
    Any of the Pirate hats, an oufit I made DS2 when he was days old(if I find a pic I will post),Irish sweater I made Dad(it was acrylic and wool, ewww, but he loved it and Mom gave it back to me when he passed 3 years ago)
    4. What five things would you love to see in a swap box someday?
    I will have to think about this one

    5. What are your three favorite yarns? What are your three least favorite yarns?
    I love ALL Cosmic Fibers yarns, Carrie is great(dharmafey),Dream in Color,ALL Fearless Fibers I don't have least favorite brands, just pure acrylic, hairy acrylic
    6. What are your five favorite delicacies?
    Jelly beans, ginger ice cream,lobster,peanut butter and cucumber sandwich,a good crabcake
    7. What are your three favorite guilty pleasures?
    Peanut butter sundae, ginger ice cream, fish and chips
    8. What are the five things you look forward to every week?
    Sunday as it starts my days off, seeing my boys(one works fulltime, the other is at college),spending time with DH,trying to find time to read blogs, knitting
    9. What do you collect?
    Yarn, retro plastic needles, Eiffel towers, Potato heads
    10. When is your birthday?
    February 16
    11. Do you have any wishlists?
    I do on Amazon and I might at the Loopy Ewe, I will come back to this with links tomorrow.
    12. Do you have any allergies or health related conditions that your pal should know about?
    13. What do you do for work and what do you do for fun?
    I work in a Level 1 trauma center, very large city hospital as a CT Tech(primarily in the ER at night)...for fun anything else
    14. What would you like your pal to know that is not covered here?
    Just have fun with the swap.

    Stupid Blogger Won't Let me Add Pics....

    But I kept on trying

    Long Overdue Where is the time going? I just don't know...I used to have just enough but now I am so short on time I must be wasting it. I can't imagine how or where as things are still in need of doing but the time is gone...I am going to try and keep a better eye on it this week and see if I can catch it before it goes away.

    OKMermaid and Foxie are missing, I am not sure if they skipped out on me or are still amongst the last few things to come from the old place or are here but are disguised as something else. I have been pretty careful to put things in the rooms where they shall live but yet those two seem to be wandering around just a few steps ahead of me and I have yet to spy them. I am longing, yes you read correctly, longing to finish Foxie. I want to start another Dale but will not until Foxie is all done and neatly placed away. Mermaid is another story...she misbehaves all the time and tries to frustrate me by twisting the needle cable but I keep outsmarting her. Up til now that is....I must find her before spring or I will never locate her greenness amongst all the trees we now have.
    yes my gifted tree branch is still languishing on top of the crushed fence in my yard. I don't seem to be able to get any word from the neighbors as to when it will be leaving my view as I sit at the kitchen table. But as with the missing knitting, I will keep trying..UPDATE: as I sit the tree is coming down and what I thought to be our crushed fence is actually much neighborly type things I have to learn about....the whole house just shook again as a very large limb was cut from the tree....YIKES!!

    I received my
    Sock It To Me Twice socks.

    My pal from this swap has been most kind and endearing. She sent along beautiful yarns and cards just when they were most needed. She has made me beautiful socks and sent a lovely initial candle, notepad, a darling snail bell, Lindt chocolates but alas i know not who she is....oh please dear Pal reveal yourself so I may properly sing out your accolades. UPDATE: It is Amy!!!! Thank you Amy!!!
    My Pal's box has gone out, I have made another pair of Vog On...I love Vog On and will make them again and again. These are before blocking...
    Here be my
    Daina mittens for No More Humdrum Mittens Swap 2...This is such a cool pattern. Amazingly quick and the pattern is an easy one to memorize. These will leave me next week.

    Harry Potter
    Will the thrill never end? I am working on my pal's socks for yet another Harry potter Sock Swap, she is a Gryffindor, I seem to always knit for Gryffindor's, LOL.

    Loopy Ewe Spring Fling Swap
    I have the most interesting partner in this swap. She calls herself Goatlady and has so many animals!! She tires me out just reading what goes on in the course of a day at her place. I cannot wait to meet her at the spring fling...I can't show anything here that I will be sending though, heehee

    New Swap,
    Punk Rock Gift ExchangeNot new just a new edition. I LOVE this swap, sign ups are still open so hurry on over...

    Big Bag KAL and SwapWhat a great idea.....we all knit the same bag and then send that bag with goodies to a pal. So we all GET the same bag just different than what we
    Last week was a little stress filled week. Tuesday, at DS2's college, they started finding death threats, or graffiti as they chose to call it. Several different locations were involved, one being the building DS1GF works in. Classes were to be held and police were present in force. I picked DS2 up from his dorm, brought him back again. He ended up not attending any classes, the school was thankfully quiet. I am not sure how I feel about the whole situation. Threats were made directed at the President of the school and while I understand not succumbing to the foolishness of people making the threats, sometimes a threat is not a threat. To parade around the campus with extra security while the students were to go to class as usual was a little outrageous. Make a statement, sit in your office, apparently prancing around the campus is not the norm so why make that day any different by mingling? It is very sad when you have to worry about your children being truly in the line of danger while they attend college. This is a very quaint old New England locale. There was the attitude of things like that never happen here never hurts to be safe. Had anything happened we would surely have been sorry.

    Not too much new on the house. Counter top in...with back splash up. Neato...I LOVE it!!

    From Cosmic Fibers we have lace weight yarn

    A lovely dk weight whose color I could not resist

    And the final installment of Harry Potter Cover Yarns Sock Club, Also from the lovely dharmafey
    From Lotus Fibers-Hydroponic--delightful

    And from Loopy Ewe we have Dream in Color Classy in Spring Tickle

    NummaNummaBoo in Monkey Mix and

    Olive Oil with Peppercorns

    Chameleon ColorworksPistachio


    Apple Laine in Godiva

    OK now officially on a yarn diet until the Spring Fling and after that for some time....

    Sad DH's uncle passed was a long and courageous I will be off the computer more than on for a few days....